Team Honk Danceathon 2015

It’s taken me almost a week to put this post together due to how emotionally tired I’d been since experiencing something I will never forget. If you are regular readers you may remember us scooting around town as part of the Team Honk relay. We felt honoured to be a part of something so amazing and practically leaped at the chance to be part of the team again this year.

When we discovered the challenge was going to be a 6 hour danceathon at Wembley Arena, we both signed up and started to prepare for the biggest cardio challenge we’d every experienced. Unfortunately as the day grew closer we realised Clara would have to stay home to look after our little dude. So we both put our effort into making sure I raised as much as possible.

team honk mr tickle

After just over 2 hours on Sunday the 8th we pulled into Wembley Arena’s car park and was suddenly aware of how many people we’d be dancing alongside. The queue to get in was already snaking towards the car park and people were busy greeting others, laughing with Mr Tickle or looking quite nervous. I’m not sure which category I fitted into best!

team honk danceathon


We finally made it through the crowds and onto the dance floor. My mum had joined me for the day, whilst my dad sat and observed from the spectators seating. It wasn’t long before I found some Team Honk members, including the lovely Mummy Barrow, pictured below.  With a place at the front, just behind the barriers to the U16 area, we were confident we’d have a great view of the routines on the stage.

team honk faces


After a short warm up and an introduction of the celebs, the red button coverage began, signalling the start of our 6 hour danceathon. It was a this moment I realised I should probably have practiced actual dance moves and not just general cardio. I found I wasn’t the smoothest of movers, but I like to think I made up for that with enthusiam, the people to the left and right of me possibly were to enthused with me.

team honk


The dance instructors were fantastic and had us bouncing around all over the place. My favourite sections were 90’s rave and bashment. It was so much fun hearing “reach for the lasers” it reminded me of one of my favourite films (leave a comment if you can guess which film I mean).

team honk group shot


I was surprised with my stamina and only found myself running a little on empty during the ballroom/latin section. I couldn’t follow a single move and seemed to just randomly move my arms from side to side. The feel of community in the room was purely amazing. We were all there for the same reason, to raise money which changes lives. I really found it emotional as the final minutes ticked by.

Once the end was upon us and the arena started to empty, there was time to pose for a Team Honk picture and a delicious brownie from this lovely dude! It was certainly needed. A long journey home and I was hugging my wife by 11pm.

I found it so strange when I woke the next day to not one single ache in my muscles. All my recent exercise must have been preparing me better than I thought. I would do it all over again.

When writing this post, Team Honk have raised over £30K for Red Nose Day. Please please keep donating towards the Team Honk Danceathon total, every £1 makes a difference.

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  1. Stephs Two Girls Reply

    Haha, love how you’ve caught me on my phone – tweeting #danceathon! I was dancing the rest of the time, honest!! Great round-up, glad to hear you enjoyed it so much. Shame we never got to recreate Olly though 😉

  2. Jodie Reply

    Absolutely amazing Kirsty and Team Honk. I always seem to miss the parts where I can sign up to things.

  3. Jaime Oliver Reply

    it was so great to see you last week .. i am feeling a little sad that tomorrow will have been a week it was such an amazing experience!

  4. Nell@PigeonPairandMe Reply

    Like you, I feel very emotional about it all. Almost as though it signified a bit turning point in my life…great post, brings back memories of a fantastic day. Still can’t believe we raised all that money!

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