Teething, tummy bugs and Mama’s sneezes

This week our house has been full of the funk sick people seem to attract. The week started with the occasional sneeze and cough from me and a chompy, drooling, poorly Monkey.

As the week progressed, C turned into super mum (not that she's not always a supermum, but this time she was super x 1000) , managing to maintain a positive outlook whilst nursing a poorly baby and a cold filled Mama.

Teething, tummy bugs and Mama's sneezes - mytwomums.com

Every year I catch the same cold around the same time and it follows the same pattern. Sore throat, hacking cough and sinus pain followed by a full blown river running from my nose. I paint a pretty image right?!

I was worried before getting sick how I would cope having a baby and being sick. You can't just cuddle up in bed and pretend nothing exists. Luckily Monkey's smiles and giggles made me feel miles better each day. Although I felt terrible at night when I made him jump each time I coughed. I guess it's just one of those things you have to learn to adapt with. Luckily C hasn't been struck with either bug yet, so she's been able to shoulder most baby duties.

Midweek Monkey concerned us with how poorly he seemed. We thought that we were being over cautious with first time parent worries, but after speaking to Monkey's Health Visitor she confirmed that we had ever right to be concerned. We were told not only was he teething, but he also had a tummy bug. Poor little mite, yet he still smiled and giggled.

Now the week is drawing to an end both Monkey and I seem over the worst. He's still teething like a trouper but the bug seems to be clearing and my cold looks like it's past the worst day.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving week, I'm incredibly thankful for my wife and gorgeous son. Without them I'd probably still be miserable in bed with manflu,

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  1. Aida Reply

    oh my….good news your little one is getting better. Our little guy has been teething for months now and it just doesn’t seem fair. A month ago we also had a stomach bug so I know how horrible you must have felt. Luckily I’ve managed to dodge the sinus problems so far and really do hope it will stay that way. Hope you get better soon.

  2. More Than Words Reply

    What a bummer! While it’s no fun to be sick, I’m glad to hear that you and baby boy are through the worst of it. What a wonderful little monkey to keep on smiling even with a bug. He must be one happy baby. 🙂

  3. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    Sorry you have not been feeling well, this time of year is awful for bugs isn’t it? We have managed to avoid them in this house so far, but I am sure we won’t forever.

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