Thank you kind stranger

Thank you stranger….. Thank you was all I could say yesterday when you helped a situation you found myself and my son in. It was a situation pretty much every parent has been in and quite often you read about the bad reactions from bystanders, the tuts and the huffs and the angry people telling parents to “shut that kid up”. But no, you were different, you made my day.

Yesterday after picking M up from pre-school I drove to our car dealership to get a part on our car looked at. It was pouring with rain, which made the country roads we take to town, a complete wash out. I didn’t see the huge rock in the road which caused the car to lurch when it went over it. Which ended up with me pulling over on the side of a busy road to check that the tyre was ok. Which meant I hadn’t noticed that M had fallen asleep, a huge no no if I wanted him to go to bed at a reasonable time that evening.

So when I pulled up at the car dealership ten minutes late, juggling a pissed off 3 year old, I was not in the best of moods. M’s cries echoed off the showroom walls as eyes turned towards us. At first I mistook them for judging eyes, as that’s usually the case. I was concerned the men in suits were attempting to close on deals over the phone, so I took M outside to calm down and allow the men to continue their sales. It wasn’t a smart move on my part, but I was at a loss on how to keep him calm in the showroom.


Which is when kind stranger opened the door and requested we come back inside. “I have children his age… this happens… he can cry as much as he likes in here”. I was grateful, so very grateful as we stepped back into the warm. “Here let me open this car, it’s a giant toy car… get in the drivers seat”. M was as shocked as I was and it worked to calm him. He sat in the giant car and normality resumed. “There is squash and hot drinks over there… with a big TV and seats” kind stranger said, pointing to the back of the showroom. “Thank you” I said, over and over.

It was such a simple gesture, but something I will always remember. Because we never truly know what someone’s been through up to that moment you are stood before them. Just a simple remark like “I’ve had my children through bigger tantrums than this, in a Pizza Express” is sometimes all a parent needs. So thank you kind stranger, you did good yesterday.

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  1. Alexandra Reply

    Gosh this made me cry. It’s so sad that it does though. Wouldn’t it be better if this was the norm. I literally feel trapped now I have two toddlers as I don’t feel I can go anywhere with them. It’s too hard for me on my own to keep them entertained and not end up in these situations without the kindness of strangers. I’m sure you felt so relieved. How lovely of them. Wish every story was like this.

  2. Maria | One Tiny Leap Travel Reply

    Amazing! How nice of him to do that for you! Such small gestures mean the world <3 A stranger gave Charlie and I an 'umbrella-ride' to our car (which was pretty far away) in the middle of a rainstorm last year, it really made my day and made me believe in the kindness of strangers.

  3. Donna Wishart Reply

    This actually brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes the kindness of strangers is so much sweeter than even friends or family. What a lovely man x

  4. Ruth Davies Knowles Reply

    Ahh, this is nice. It’s lovely when people are like that but more often than not we’re impatient and selfishly wanting our own days to be perfect so something like this is an irritant. This proves that the right way to deal with such is just as this as it makes everyone a lot happier a lot more quickly! 🙂

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