That’s My Son.

Monkey loves to hear his own voice. He’s practicing a lot now and can’t always understand why the middle of a restaurant isn’t a good time to see how loud he can shout.

We try to get him to reduce the volume when situation requires, we let him know that his voice sounds lovely and we tell him he is oh so clever for learning a new word. But at 13 months, he is exploring. I want him to learn the many sounds he is capable of. I love hearing the excitement he vocalises when his food arrives in a restaurant or he sees something colourful in a store.

What I don’t appreciate are the tuts, the stares, the eye rolls. If he was a few years older, I understand that he will need to know the right time to be loud. But for now, our little explorer, full-time adventure seeker and very loud-voiced little man will be allowed to explore his voice.

When someone comments on the very loud child in a shop or whilst I’m in the queue for the ladies toilets I’m proud to say, that’s my son.


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  1. mummydaddyme Reply

    I think its a shame that people forget that they or their children were young once. Toddlers and babies should be allowed to explore and learn. You should be ever so proud of Monkey, he is a gorgeous little boy. x

    • My Two Mums Reply

      I have always noticed that adults are quick to forget their childhoods in regards to the things they did as they grew. Clara and I are big believers in learning from exploration and experience, our son will not be wrapped in cotton wool, nor told to be quiet if the situation doesn’t call for it. We are so very proud of him, he is our little miracle as all children are miracles ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hayley Reply

    Ah yes, “inside voice!” is one we use quite often! I can’t believe people tut, how ridiculous. He’s just a baby for goodness sake.

      • Hayley Reply

        Just you wait! In a couple of years you’ll be having the same “Now, remember that we keep our feet OFF seats, we use our inside voices, we do NOT run around, we stay with Mummy….” conversation before you go anywhere.

  3. Victoria - WTTP Reply

    I think its so different when its not your child..people are so quick to judge the ones throwing paddies etc..until its their own. Kids will be kids!! ๐Ÿ™‚ l

    • My Two Mums Reply

      That’s very true. Thing is, they aren’t paddies. When he is being loud it’s usually because he is excited or wanting to share something he has seen with us. We are yet to reach the tantrum stage lol.

  4. More Than Words Reply

    I love that you make it clear that that’s your son and you’re proud of it when these situations arise! I can remember noticing loud kiddos (I was never an eye roller) but I did notice it. Now that I’m a mama I have way more compassion for parents when they’re in a public place and their kid’s testing their vocal range.

    • My Two Mums Reply

      I am very proud of him. He is learning which we all had to do at some point. I too noticed noisy children before I was a parent. Now I am much more patient and appreciate the nose they are making.

  5. Bex @ The Mummy Adventure Reply

    People so often judge children and parents and completely forget what life was like as a child or parent to one. Be proud of your gorgeous little man x

  6. newmummykate Reply

    This is something that grates on me a fair bit. There’s no need for people being so judgement of parents and young children. I think people forget that they are so little and learning. Be proud of your gorgeous boy x

  7. Celia Reply

    Sadly lots of people are so caught up in being down on life and negative that they can’t help themselves, what’s not to like about a little person being excited, seriously?! I love seeing and hearing excitement in my boys and actively encourage it so long as it’s appropriate, just do as you do and care not about the miseries around ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  8. Lucy Reply

    It’s so annoying isn’t it, it makes me sad how much society seems to frown on children just being children, as if its some irritating necessity we all have to go through, instead of something to be enjoyed for its own sake.
    My little lady is seriously SO LOUD, permanently! Every single noise she makes is loud, but she’s a baby and she’ll learn in time. Either that or we’ll all buy ear plugs and learn to ignore the funny looks. x

  9. Fliss Reply

    Drives me mad too – do these people not realise they were once children too, even if they haven’t had their own? I tend to throw dirty looks their way, but I am very proud of my OH – he will confront them, albeit in a non-nasty way. Won’t stoop to their level!

  10. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    I am with you, I get so angry when people are angry at young children, they are just that, I agree don’t let them run a muck but it’s cute, I am sure they are family restaurants you are attending too. You should hear the direct comments I receive because of Grayson’s noises, it got so bad we stopped going out altogether, but then a few months ago I made the decision people can not stop us having a life, we never left the house for a year and it nearly broke my family.
    Monkey you talk away I think its beautiful xxx

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