The busiest March

March has been a busy month. In fact it feels like our busiest month so far. My Timehop has been reminding me of all the years we moved in March, so I was quite pleased we did not have that to throw into the mix this year.

Our month started with a great trip to Arrecife and ended with a segway adventure. It feels like we’ve really made the most of family time this month with us all finally settling to life in our new home and the work/school routine.

sunny smiles

We’ve loved seeing the evenings grow lighter and have been in the garden or down the skatepark almost every night. Clara and I have started to search for the perfect garden furniture and barbecue to make our little garden complete, whilst M has decided the garden needs a mini goal net.

holiday smiles

Now that it’s April we’ve started to see some free weekends in our calendar and are looking forward to filling them with exciting adventures. We’re desperate to go camping to practice putting up our fab new tent we’ve been sent and M has been asking to camp since Camp Bestival.

smiles my two mums

my two mums smiles

We’re trying to share more of the spontaneous family moment over on our Instagram stories (when we remember), so make sure you are following if you want to capture those moments.


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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    It looks like everyone has had a busy March – your life always sounds so full of adventure. I think M is growing up, learning to grab life with both hands. I look forward to seeing where April takes you x

  2. Emma Shilton Reply

    I loved seeing your adventures in Tenerife, we’ll definitely consider AirBnB for our future trips after seeing your pics. M is looking so grown up, he always looks like a happy little chap with a smile that lights up the screen 🙂 Have a lovely April #MeandMine

  3. Cariemay Reply

    Oh the lighter evenings are just a treat aren’t they – I love coming home in the daylight and pottering around the garden and I can’t wait for proper summer (and more camping for us too!)

  4. Ali Reply

    Lovely happy photos! I’m glad you’re settling into your new home, evenings in the skate park sound so much fun too!

  5. Louise George Reply

    Lovely happy photos of you – love the sunglasses! The lighter evenings are so lovely. Hope you manage to go camping this month 🙂 #meandmineproject

  6. Let's Talk Mommy Reply

    Oh lovely family snaps this month. These are so gorgeous and happy. Those shades are a family trend I am loving it. It’s been so nice in March hasn’t it? Let’s hope it long continues into April and May for us all too! #meandmineproject

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