The cycling adventures begin

Last week I noticed M’s best friend had a brand new bike for Christmas. He didn’t have stabilisers and was cycling home from school. I turned to M and asked him if he’d like to be able to ride his Spiderman bike properly (which never had stabilisers as we never put them on). He excitedly told me he would and that was when I decided he would learn that weekend.

On Saturday morning whilst C and M were swimming, I got his bike out the shed, laid out his helmet and some elbow pads (just in case) and waited for their return. M was super excited when he got home and wanted to get outside and learning straight away.

We took him outside expecting to be out a while and were both incredibly surprised when M cycled off on his own in approximately ten minutes. Almost half an hour watching him cycle up and down outside the house before he decided he’d showed off his skill enough and wanted to go in and play with his Lego for a bit.

Our Sunday morning was spent at Upton Country Park which allowed M some more practice time. The pictures below were taken there and I also made a little GoPro video of his practice.

cycling adventure

Cycling along

cycling at upton country park

cycling first bike

cycling down the path

Cycling spiderman

I can’t wait to take M on his first cycling adventure, though Clara and I need to get a couple of bikes. I imagine us cycling across the countryside enjoying family time at a totally different speed. I can’t wait!

Country Kids

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  1. Coombe Mill (Fiona) Reply

    That look of pure concentration on M’s face is just adorable, it’s clear he was determined to gain this skill. I’ve found sometimes you just have to let kids come to cycling in their own time, and they do just get it eventually! I’m sure he’ll be zooming away from you on his fab spiderman bike in no time!

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids

  2. Sara (@mumturnedmom) Reply

    Ah, this is brilliant, he must be so pleased! My guys have all moved up a size of bike recently which means my youngest is now on the bike with stabilisers, rather than her balance bike, which is a good/bad thing! She’s gaining confidence, but hopefully she’ll let us take them off soon 🙂 #countrykids

  3. Emma Day (Crazy with Twins) Reply

    Ah what a clever boy to learn so fast! I need to teach the twins soon – they are very clumsy so it could take them a while! #countrykids

  4. Louise George Reply

    Well done to M on managing to master cycling on two wheels so quickly! He looks like he is having a wonderful time cycling up and down the park 🙂 #countrykids

  5. MudpieFridays Reply

    Oh that’s brilliant – how clever to get on and just ride! What a great family activity to look forward to as well. I hope that Monkey can do the same! #CountryKids

  6. Bridget Reply

    Ah how exciting! He looks so happy to be on his bike 🙂 Hope you have lots of adventures to come – popping by from #countrykids x

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