The Eden Project, Cornwall

The Eden Project in Cornwall is somewhere I have wanted to visit in a while. Home to the largest rainforest in captivity and based in a gorgeous part of the country, it was a must visit on our recent stay in an Airbnb in Camelford. The Eden Project offer you the option to donate your admission fee to convert it into an annual pass when you book online, which is great if you want to take your time during your visit.

On arrival the car parks are a short walk to the main entrance, but there is a bus you can hop on to get you there quicker. We had researched our visit before we bought our tickets, so we knew we could take Beau along and which areas he was allowed in.

Family Eden Project

We were a bit peckish when we arrived, so we bought lunch at the cafe by the main entrance. This is the only indoor food place at The Eden Project where dogs are permitted. The prices were great compared to tourist attractions we’ve previously visited in the area, with lots of healthy options and a great kids menu.

eden project landscape

climbing eden project

eden project tree

Once we had full stomachs we set off to explore. We decided to split the two main Biomes between us for time sake and also to take turns walking Beau in the areas he was allowed. I (K) took the Rainforest dome and Clara took M into the Mediterranean dome.

eden project rope bridge

eden project map

eden project rainforest

globe eden project

smiles eden project

Waterfall Eden Project

M and I explored the Rainforest, spotting various plants and reading the information about what comes from the Rainforest. Our favourite part of the dome was right at the top, where you are able to walk along a rope bridge as though you are suspended way up high among the trees.

tree eden project

Eden project dome

Once outside I took Beau on a little wander and Clara took M into the Mediterranean dome.  Inside the dome they stumbled across an incredibly interesting talk about Space and the ISS. M was full of information on his return, it was great to see how something so unexpected had made such a big impact.

eden project biome

The Eden Project bouncy castle

eden project freak shake

Eden Project seed

Honey Bee Eden Project

The Eden Project offers interesting themed learning at various times of the year. During our visit the theme was Space. Part of the exhibition on offer was a great display where you walked through each area of a dome set up like the surface of each planet in our solar system. One of M’s favourite items was the huge bouncy castle set up a bit like the surface of the moon.

As the afternoon was coming to an end we had a browse in the gift shop before jumping back on the bus to the car park. We will certainly be returning, possibly without Beau next time, so that we can all experience the domes together. If you find yourself nearby on a holiday to Cornwall, we certainly suggest a visit, it’s such a fun place and super interesting too.

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    You guys seriously visit the coolest places! I LOVE that Mama t-shirt too!

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