The end of two

In just over two months our little man will leave two behind and turn three. It seems like it’s been the fastest 3 years of our lives. We’ve watched this little human so dependent on us, become this energetic boy with bags of confidence and a huge sense of independence. He’s funny, stubborn, great at stories and loves to sing all day.

end of two scoot

Though I’m sad the baby days are well and truly packed away, I’m excited for the days that lay ahead. We’ve no more reminders of a tiny human. The cot’s been in the loft for months, nappies are gone and we’re down to one bottle that’s used for a cheeky choc shot, hot chocolate in the mornings.

I’m also a little relieved we are saying goodbye to the two’s. They have certainly been our most challenging months as parents. We now have a boy who can articulate responses to directions he is given. No longer are instructions followed without question and why is a regular word we hear. I will always encourage M to ask questions, I feel it’s important for him to know we will always attempt to answer every question. But there is only so many ways I can explain why tooth-brushing is a vital part of our bedtime routine.

end of two skate

Tantrums can be epic for no reason at all. A purple cup instead of the requested pink cup, can cause a major meltdown. But what makes up for these moments are the way M really knows how to make us smile. A cute little song, an unprompted cuddle or the sharing of some cookies without being asked, these all show us how lovely our little man is.

end of two

We feel truly blessed to have our little man in our lives. He’s an adventure and a challenge at every turn and it’s been the best three years ever. This is the last year before our little dude heads off to school and we’re going to make the most of the time we get with him.

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