The first rule of sketch book club

The first rule of sketch book club is, you don’t talk about sketch book club….. Wait SCRAP THAT. The first rule of the lovely Jennie Maizels Sketch Book Club is you must talk about Sketch Book Club at every opportunity. At least that is the first rule I’ve been following. I first discovered Sketch Book Club via Xanthe’s blog post where she shares an adorable little short of her sketching with her son’s. It was a few days afterwards when we discovered Jennie on Twitter, where she invited our little family to trial her creation. Jennie very kindly set us up an account, I popped to Tesco to buy some fine liner pens, found a notebook Nickie had sent me in a Stationery Swap and I was on my way!

Sketch book club

I had no idea that I had just stumbled across something that was going to ignite a talent in me I never knew I had, whilst keeping me sane as I recovered from an operation in hospital. The Sketch Book Club is broken down into easy to follow modules. You can choose to sign up for all the course 1 modules for 3 months (£20) or sign up for 3 months access to each individual module for £7 a module. There are 4 modules in total, Houses, Fish, Washing Line and Bugs, which all offer the opportunity to master different skills in sketching and creating.

Sketch houses

Each module provides you with references, equipment list, a short tutorial video and the inspiration to go forth and sketch your heart out. Some of the modules require a little more than some pens and a sketch book, but this doesn’t hold you back from practicing your sketching talents.

Sketch houses 2

I have been given the push I needed to explore a talent I never knew I had. This has lead to M being very impressed by the things I have been sketching and I have been asked to sketch various dinosaurs with a variety of results. I am also happy my friends are taking part too. The great thing about something like this is the community. Jennie prompts you to share your sketches on Instagram using the hashtag related to the module you are completing. This means you get to share in the work of others and seek advice on things you are trying to achieve.

sketch book fish

I am looking forward to seeing how much my skill improves as I work through the modules. So far the house module as been the most fun as I’ve been encouraged to draw something I’ve never really drawn in any detail before. You can follow my progress on Twitter where I’ll be sharing my sketches as I go.

We received a free account to sample the modules of the Sketch Book Club. For more information please read our disclosure policy.

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  1. snafflesmummy Reply

    I am loving the sketchbook club. Yours are so detailed. Love the multicoloured fish too.

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