The Gruffalo’s Trail

Last year C and I took M on a Gruffalo Trail round Moors Valley Park. It was raining, M fell asleep and C and I ended up filling in all the clues on our own whilst M snoozed. This year our experience of The Gruffalo’s Trail was very different. It was an unusually warm day, M was wide awake and in good spirits and we were excited to see how much he enjoyed it.

The fab folk at the Forestry Commission are helping The Gruffalo celebrate their 15th Anniversary. This meant our favourite forest welcomed a lovely Gruffalo statue and has a fab trail running right up until February 2015.

gruffalo trail start

gruffalos child trail

For a couple of pounds we were able to buy M a little bag with a little fact sheet and a trail sheet to fill in letters we’d discover around the woods. We were grateful we’d taken the pushchair as the advisor told us it was just over a mile to walk. M is a great walker but gets a little tired if he has to walk too far.



The trail was easy to follow, with lots of little signs and small logs with facts on. A lot of the logs had prompts for activities you could do. We pretended we were really tall like big tall trees and then imagined we were gathering items from the woods to feed the gruffalo. It was nice to see M so engaged and excited. Often he would run ahead to find the next sign or skip into the woods to find the perfect stick.

this way gruffalo

gruffalo start


We weren’t too good at spotting the letters as we were looking at ground level most of the time. But we figured the word out using the letters we did spot. M was just happy to be splashing in puddles, growling like a gruffalo and seeing how many dens he could find.

tree at moors valley


big gruffalo

Hopefully we are going to visit the trail again before it finishes in February. I quite like the idea of walking it if it snows. I imagine the landscape would look beautiful and a snowy Gruffalo trail would be like we’d walked into the Gruffalo’s Child film.

wandering boy

clara reading

more this way

more signs

growing tall

finding things

Have you discovered a Gruffalo trail? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to see your photos.

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  1. mummydaddyme Reply

    This looks like fun, I have heard of a few of these about but we are yet to find one. Both my girls love the Gruffalo though so I should be on the lookout for one!

  2. Donna Wishart Reply

    Oh I love your photos! We love hunting for the Gruffalo and love a day in the forest x

  3. Coombe Mill (Fiona) Reply

    It looks like you had a fabulous time running around the forest. It’s super that M was so involved with the trail. I’m glad that they made the word guessable with some of the letters as well, it’d be a shame if you tried really hard missed three letters and couldn’t figure it out. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

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