The last of the sun

This Summer has been possibly the rainiest, coldest Summer I can recall in a long time. It rained heavily the day I picked M up on his last day of school and rained pretty much every week from then. But then we seemed to strike it lucky on some days we had together as a family. We experienced some gorgeous weather on our family holiday to Cornwall, which was pretty flukey, but we also got to enjoy the last of the sun on a random weekend just before M went back to school.

As we do on most days we experience some beautiful weather, we packed up the car and headed to the beach to meet up with our friends from West Country Mum. We’d managed to pick the second day of the Bournemouth Air Show to visit our favourite beach, so it was pretty empty as everyone was further down the coast watching the aerial acrobatics.

Friends on the beachPhoto Credit – West Country Mum

Plane over beach

It was just about warm enough to sit in the sun in swimming costumes, but as soon as some thick dark clouds appeared we ended up wrapped in towels and hoodies. As our little man is now growing in confidence in the sea, we enjoyed splashing around in the water watching M attempt to body board, despite the freezing temperature of the water.

Beach grin

chilly on the beach

Smiles in the sea

M in the sea

wave jumping

Body boarding in sea

Surfer dude

Swimming smiles

Love is love on the beach

I definitely feel these are the days when we make the best memories. M is lucky to be growing up near a beach, so regular trips are easy for us to make. But there is something special about catching one of the rare sunny days in the School holidays and making it a beach day.

friends at the beach

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