The Lullaby Trust – Safe Baby Sleep

A few weeks ago, after the sudden loss of the beautiful shining star Matilda Mae, we became aware of a charity called Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths. FSID is the UK’s leading baby charity aiming to prevent unexpected deaths in infancy. Today FSID launches its brand new name and logo, which we are proud to be involved with. FSID will now be known as The Lullaby Trust, the reason for their rebranding is to ensure sudden infant death is not ignored. The Lullaby Trust’s new name helps us associate Sudden infant death and safe sleep as many of us will think of a lullaby at baby’s bedtime. We feel this helps to keep the message of safer baby sleep in your mind when thinking of the brand.

After extensive studies and consultations with parents and families The Lullaby Trust has chosen a logo and name which communicates warmth, trust and compassion.


The Lullaby Trust - Safe Baby Sleep -

Each year over 600 apparently healthy babies die suddenly and unexpectedly in the UK. The Lullaby Trust aims to be the first port of call for every parent and grandparent to offer advice on safer sleep. The Lullaby Trust is constantly working on increasing awareness of their evidence based recommendations, this in turn is working towards saving lives.

The rebranding is a big step forward for the charity and is a great move to ensure they stand out. We feel the new name is perfect for the charity and are positive The Lullaby Trust will continue to save lives by highlighting the importance of safer sleep. Hopefully the rebrand will encourage more investors and fundraisers to help The Lullaby Trust continue their studies into reducing sudden infant death.

They need your help in making sure as many parents have access to their information as possible.  If you would like to link up for The Lullaby Trust you can just click here to visit the lovely Jennie’s blog.


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