The Magic of Christmas

Everywhere I go I am noticing¬† magic of Christmas more than any other year. The decorations, the excitement on children’s faces, the Christmas films on television. It’s like someone is sprinkling Christmas wherever I go. I have decided this is all down to Monkey. I always knew that Christmas would never be the same after he arrived as all our focus would be on making Christmas special for him. But I didn’t expect it to occur so soon.

Monkey is going to be 5 months just after Christmas day and I imagined he would still be too small and unaware to really appreciate this Christmas. But I was wrong, he is much more alert than I imagined him to be. He loved watching me set up the Christmas tree and enjoyed checking out each sparkly bauble before it was hung up. The tree has an added bonus too, we’ve noticed we can calm him down when he’s upset by playing hit the baubles.

We have also discovered Monkey is a big fan of Christmas Carols especially the 12 Days of Christmas. This pleases me lots as it’s always been a family tradition to sing this song on Boxing day. Hopefully by the time he can talk he’ll know all the words. Now I just need to teach him charades and he’s all set for a family Christmas.

Monkey’s Nanna treated him to another visit to Father Christmas last weekend and this time he was much more interested than the first visit. I can’t wait for Christmas day when I.. ahem He unwraps all his presents. Being a parent is great, it’s like you get to enjoy Christmas as a child all over again.

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