The perfect den

Lately Moors Valley Park has become our favourite place to visit when we have time to fill at the weekend. We had spent the weekend back towards London seeing friends and family and were on our way home when we decided a walk in the woods was needed.

With every visit we have to visit the play area first for M to get his fill of what it has to offer before we venture into the woods. On this trip M and I decided it was time Clara built her first den. M and I are often drawn to the den building area of the woods for a game of hide and seek. We dash between the dens already built by previous visitors and pretend we are in a wood where only we exist. Last time we visited we built our own little den fit for two, but this time we were going to build the perfect den for our family of three.

Den building

I was surprised Clara had never built a den before, especially when she proved to be a total pro. After I set up the basic logs to start from she was off building a den perfect for a safe haven if a night in the woods was needed.

M and the den

The little dude was named the master builder and was great at sourcing the best logs for the job. He got a little bored at one point when Clara and I got quite serious about making sure all the gaps were filled, but he was soon racing around again finding logs for us to sit on inside the den.

perfect den building

mummy and m den building

master den builder

building the den

We were quite proud of our perfect little den in the woods. I am confident that I have married a woman who can totally provide me cover in the woods if needed. I might even manage to convince her to go on a Bushcraft course with me in the future.

Mummy perfect den

Mama perfect den

Have you made a den in the woods? How did it turn out?

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