The “Perfect” Mum

A couple of days ago I had the most awful day since Monkey was born. He’s been suffering with trapped wind and I couldn’t get him to settle. He was fighting going to sleep and when he did finally drift off it would only be for 30 minutes maximum and then would cry again. He looked like he was in so much discomfort and I could not ease it despite all of my efforts. I felt like it was my fault that he was in so much pain, after all I’m his mum, I should be able to make him feel better when ever he needs me to.


I was so glad to see K when she got home from work and I burst into tears. She was brilliant and made me realise that I am doing my best for Monkey and there wouldn’t be a whole range of products out there designed to help with Colic if all babies could bring up wind. Some things are just out of our hands. I’m sure all mothers go through this at some stage.

Parenting is tough some days and I’m sure I will learn to cope with tearful and grumbly days better, I have only been in the parenting club for just under 6 weeks after all.

Over the years I’ve heard some women talk about how their baby slept through from 6 weeks and was always happy and content. I know now that it was all a front so people didn’t look down at them, but why do that? I’m going to be completely honest when it comes to my experiences, I am a good mum, who has bad days and I’m proud of that.

I’m also so lucky to have such an amazing wife who I can talk to. I had a lovely moment that same day when I woke from a nap to find them dancing in the bedroom to help Monkey relax. Made my heart grow 2 sizes. I have complete admiration to all the single mothers out there. How do they do it?!


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  1. Tara Reply

    Those days are awful! 🙁 This is a hard job, that’s for sure… There have been days where I’ve wondered if I could even do it, but then, I see J with Eli or he smiles at me (or I get a few hours sleep) and I realize it’s totally ok and we’re doing absolutely fine. I think you guys are doing a beautiful job, and in spite of the yucky days, it’s so obvious how much love you have for one another and your lovely boy. Good job ladies! And thanks for not beig afraid to be honest! X

    • Mytwomums Reply

      Thanks. It’s not always easy being a mum and we wanted to be honest. But we love it so so much 🙂

  2. Bex @ The Mummy Adventure Reply

    I think the best we can be is good mums who have bad days and we all have bad days! You both love Monkey so much and that is all he needs right now – they have ti cry as it is their only way of communicating anything and it won’t be long until there is much less crying and much more smiling and you start wanting another!

    Hope things get better and the colic doesn’t last long,


  3. Rachael Reply

    Oooh there’s not such thing as a perfect Mum! You’re doing a great job, really. And lucky to have such a supportive partner to help you. Mushroom had colic and reflux when he was little so I know how helpless it feels…

    At the end of the day, we can only be a ‘good enough’ mother.

  4. Fliss Reply

    I have also found most people whose babies apparently sleep through the night at 6 weeks are lying – I certainly used to pretend my eldest did so I didn’t have to admit she was an awful sleeper, and often came in our bed for the whole night from about 12 months… My second sleeps better (just over 4 months old), but she’s not great either at time TBH, and certainly does not sleep through… oh and she still gets colic, and I usually have to feed her in her chair so she doesn’t get too uncomfy which makes me feel awful, not cuddling her through her feed. You sound like you are both doing a fab job – not that you need me to tell you that!

  5. Laura Reply

    Yes we all have bad days but when you think of the good days, the bad days don’t seem to be so bad after all. The sleepless night get easier the teething stage is horrible for most babies but again it gets easier, I totally understand, when my daughter was teething she would scream so much I thought I was doing something wrong, my son was much better, but I am also lucky to have a wife to talk to and we support eachother through everything 🙂

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