The Spartan Race is in our sights

On October 1st, Clara and I will be taking part in a Spartan Race, our first ever challenging obstacle race. We’ve been doing our best to eat less and move more over the last few months, but the week just gone, we decided to step things up a gear.

Armed with our Thinking Slimmer pods to listen to and a healthy eating plan based on Slimming World principles (more fresh food, less processed food) we have been working hard to shift some lbs and get ourselves working up a sweat. I started my health kick by quitting caffeine which resulted in a 48 hour migraine which took me to bed early two nights in a row, but I have noticed a huge improvement in my energy since.

Before and After Weightloss

We’ve cut out little snacks which were adding up to big calories and haven’t touched a drop of cider since Camp Bestival. Healthy salads, chicken and fruit have been eaten almost every day, including some really filling creations that have kept us full for hours.

The greatest change I have seen in us both is that because we are changing our relationship with food thanks to Thinking Slimmer and watching what we eat thanks to the meal plans, we are making steps towards a lifestyle change that is fully maintainable. I feel we have finally cracked an issue we both always stumbled on.

This evening we spent an hour cleaning and putting together a treadmill in the garage to up our fitness and we’ve got some HIIT training planned to improve our strength. The best news of all? Last week we both saw big losses on the scale. I lost 9lbs and Clara lost 7lbs, we couldn’t be happier, fingers crossed that the lbs keep disappearing.

*The before photo is from a few years ago when we first started our long journey to Spartan*

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  1. Mrs TeePot Reply

    Have fun doing your Spartan! It sounds like an epic challenge but one to enjoy. You are both doing amazingly well. Kudos for quitting caffeine too, I’m down to 2 cups a day…not sure I can quit though!

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