The Travel Bug

The weekend just gone we jetted off on a whirlwind trip to Lanzarote to take part in a photoshoot for Airbnb (more about this in a future post). What began as a very anxious trip for me has ended in me googling ways to take M out of school for a year to travel. I’ve been well and truly bitten by the travel bug. I’ve always loved travelling, I just HATED the flying side of it.

M is a total breeze to travel with compared to me, or at least compared to the me before this trip. I was an actual nightmare for Clara. My anxiety was through the roof and my intrusive thoughts related to my OCD were becoming time consuming. Clara repeatedly asked if I would rather stay at home, but I was determined to not let my mind beat me.

travel bug

I downloaded many mindfulness tracks to listen to before I boarded our flight and managed to find a winning combination. Whilst on the flight I watched a fab documentary on Toby Robbins (a very interesting guy) and by the time we landed I felt somewhat different.

I managed to enjoy the weekend without worrying about the flight back home and when it came to the time to fly again, I was not as concerned as I previously had been.

On our return home I began actively researching places we could visit, hidden gems we could discover and writing lists of must do activities around the world. Previously I had avoided these things as they always ended in anxiety for me. Even if I was daydreaming about a holiday I would develop anxiety about the journey to the destination. But I’ve begun to enjoy the thought of planning travels. I’m keen to get started on the logistics of our next adventure.

I have been bitten by the travel bug and the travel bug bit hard.

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  1. Other Mumma Reply

    Love this – I follow you on instagram so saw what a fab trip you had. My wife is quite an anxious person and hates flying, but loves holidays/travelling, I’m always really proud that she doesn’t let the anxiety stop her doing something she loves so much. The mindfulness tracks sound like a good idea. It’s great that you are already taking M on so many adventures both at home and abroad!

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