The visibility we desire

A few weeks ago as I was scrolling through Facebook a sponsored status caught my eye. It was an image of two people in, and by a pool with a little boy. On first glance I would have taken them as a family because I knew they were a family. Because it was my family on the page, right in front of me.

Airbnb had chosen to work with us on a campaign about different types of family holiday makers. It was a campaign we wanted to work on because it helped us achieve the visibility we have always worked hard to be part of. To increase¬†LGBT families visibility in advertising and every day occurrences, so that one day our son will live in a world where it’s nothing special to see different families made up of all different combinations of parents and guardians.

So with pride I showed M the ad campaign each time it appeared in my feed. I told him why it was so important to me to see and his response “I have seen them already Mama, I was there”. Which felt great, as to M his family is just another family. He knows he has a Mama and a Mummy, not a Mummy and a Daddy like most of his friends. But we don’t stand out in his mind.

But hopefully one day he will see how hard we worked to increase LGBTQ Families visibility, just by sharing our story.

This post was written to celebrate the 12th year of LGBT Families day.

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  1. Dana Reply

    Thank you for reminding us of the importance of visibility — and thanks for submitting this post to Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day!

  2. Mrs TeePot Reply

    oh how wonderful! You have every right to be proud, you’re all awesome, and you’re doing such an amazing job of changing the world for the better.
    So lovely to hear that M doesn’t even realise why it’s a big deal too, I sincerely hope that he comes of age in world where it isn’t a big deal.

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