The weekend is family time.

Since I went back to work when Monkey was 3 weeks old, the weekends have been known as family time. As soon as 5pm on a Friday rolls around, I rejoice in the fact that I get two whole days with my favourite people. If I still worked in retail, as I did for 12 years, this wouldn’t be the case. But I’m incredibly grateful for the job I have now as it allows me these two days to look forward to at the start of each week.

Our weekends are also where we fit in seeing family and friends, so when we get a rare weekend that is just for us, we make sure we spend it wisely.

The day usually starts with playtime and generally being silly, we blow raspberries on bellies, shout as loud as we can, stack blocks or knock them down and laugh until we ache.

After breakfast we like to go on an adventure, which usually involves packing up the car and driving until we decide one something exciting to do. We are lucky that M enjoys being in the car and often joins in with our singing as we travel.

After lunch we like to let off some steam. This weekend this involved racing round Toys R Us. I wasn’t quite sure if I was enjoying it more than M, but at least he was grinning ear to ear.

Then it’s usually home for dinner, a bottle and the best part of the day, a splash in the bath before we all climb into bed.


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  1. Brinabird and Son Reply

    Oh that bath pic is too cute. Weekends mean family time for us too. Mine starts on a Thursday but we don’t get daddy till Saturday!

  2. lucy at dear beautiful Reply

    I feel the same about weekends. And even though I’m at home with the kiddos all week, we really look forward to weekends with Daddy home too. We always try to do ‘something fun’ in our weekend so that we don’t feel like we wasted it!
    And M’s expression in that first photo is priceless, what a cheeky little monkey. x

  3. More Than Words Reply

    I too live for the weekends! Watching cartoons as a family, no rushing, in our PJ’s all day and like you said, little adventures! It sounds like those 2 days are so much fun for your little man!

  4. Lauren Reply

    Sounds perfect. I used to work in retail and part of the reason I didn’t return to work after having Charles was that we would have no family time at all, especially as my husband works Saturday afternoons anyway.
    I adore that bath photo. So cute x

  5. Kae James Reply

    Your son is absolutely handsome!! I found your page on WriteLikeNoOneIsWatching and had to drop by, glad I did, i got to see your little monkey! Adorable!!

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