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In the lead up to C starting her new job this week, we’ve been trying to make the most of our family time at the park. One of the things we miss on the days C is back at work, is our lunch times together. So the ones we do get together are really special. We are lucky to live and work near some gorgeous parks with beautiful scenery. It’s great watching M play differently at the park now that he can run. A field is no longer a boring grassy patch, it’s a great big world to explore.

Most locations we visit recently, involve M taking some sort of flying lesson as he loves to be thrown in the air. I imagine most children his age do, our arms have been given a great work out. Another new game is M climbing under our legs, we have no idea when it started, but it makes him giggle so much as we leap frog over him. Our time at the park will always change as M’s imagination grows, already we can tell he is an adventurous little boy.





Do your children have favourite things to do at the park?

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  1. Lulla Reply

    Favorite thing for the moment
    1. pick little sticks
    2. run after birds

    I really love the way you run your blog. We are 2 french mum with a little boy too… And our blog is not as beautiful as yours!

  2. Angela Reply

    Aaw! Look at his little face, so happy to be outside running around, my little one likes to be thrown onto the sofa 🙂 x

  3. Hayley Reply

    Love the photos of him, I loved taking L to the park at this age because they just love to explore everything, it’s all new and exciting. Mostly he just wants to go to the playground now but he still loves a big empty field to run round!

  4. Coombe Mill (Fiona) Reply

    Gorgeous happy photos of M enjoying being thrown up in the air – it sounds like he’s turning into a little thrill seeking, especially after his climbing antics last week. I’ve got to say that tree climbing has always stood the test of time with all our children and continues to do so even with the teens. Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun and I hope C’s new job goes well.

  5. Merlinda Little Reply

    He just loves the wind and be thrown in the air. A happy day =) #countrykids

  6. Super Busy Mum Reply

    Annabelle just loves a good wander round the place, haha. Investigating and just generally giving the place a good inspection. lol. Great photos!! M is such a cutie. #countrykids

  7. sabrina montagnoli Reply

    Aww he looks like he is having a whale of a time! My wee man loves climbing over everything now. They do change so much the way they play as they get older.

  8. Mummyconstant Reply

    Have to love throwing in the air photos – great stuff! I love letting them have freedom, such happy faces. #countrykids

  9. Lauren Reply

    I love how you really make the most of your time together as a family, and that you spend it outside exploring the different parks around you. M will have such great memories of all this I’m sure x

  10. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    Love – we go to parks alot, we have none super close but they are someone all 3 of my babies can enjoy, no discrimination at a park. Grayson is a huge swing lover, you have never seen smiles like it and all 3 love to be chucked in the air or chased by their Daddo x

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