This Time Of Year

This time of year is perfect for walks in the park. A time to run through leaves, splash in puddles and look at all the colours of the trees. It’s also the perfect time to stop and look at what we are lucky enough to be blessed with. Every day is a day to be grateful for the gorgeous family I have, but there is just something about the end of the year approaching, which allows me to slow down and really take account of the beauty before me.

smiles and hat

Our little man is growing into a beautiful little toddler. His eyes just melt me and he certainly has the puppy dog look down to a tee. I can see both myself and C in him and hope that he continues to grow with C’s looks as I really would have the most beautiful family ever.


I am really enjoying watching the bonds between us all grow. M comes to us for different things and nothing beats a hug from your child when you ask for it.



I love how much he needs us, but is also slowly becoming more independent. He’s a little stubborn and I love this quality as he’s a boy who knows what he wants and sets his mind on something. I think this is why he walked so soon, crawling just wasn’t going to get him where he wanted to go, fast enough.



Best of all I love watching the two people I love more than anything in the world, holding each other close.

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  1. brinabird and son Reply

    He is edible he is so gorgeous. They grow so fast its good to stop & just breathe the moments in.

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