To Co sleep or not to sleep.

The question I’m asked most, recently aside from Who’s the mum? is So is he sleeping?

This question always bemuses and frustrates me in equal measure. I always wonder if the people asking think my son is one of the worlds youngest insomniacs. What kind of answer do they expect? Of course he sleeps. He’d wouldn’t be the smiling bright eyed Cuddly boy that he is if he didn’t get forty winks every now and then.

To Co-Sleep or not to sleep -

What they really want to know is if we are getting any sleep. That’s what the real topic in question is. Now I’m not saying that’s everyone’s reason for asking. But I’ve come to learn that most *not all* people will bend the truth somewhat when it comes to how much their baby sleeps at night.

I have no clue why it’s become such a competitive subject. Most conversations go like this.

Mummy A – So does he sleep at night?

Us – Well he slept for four hours straight in his Moses a few weeks ago but….

Mummy A – *smiling* oh little Jimmy sleeps all night from the day he was born.

Now I don’t get that. How long is a night for them as to my knowledge new born babies need feeds roughly every 2-4 hours and that’s definitely not a whole nights sleep between feeds.

Why lie? Since when has how much sleep you get been a measure of how awesome you are. Based on that during my teens I must have been pretty awesome as I slept a lot!!

For the last few weeks, just to get some sleep we have been *GASP* co sleeping with baby Monkey. Yes you heard me right. We’ve been shunning the Moses and cuddling up in our double bed. It’s the only way C had managed more than 5 hours sleep in a night.

But the whole obsession with sleep people have has stopped me talking about this sleeping arrangement. When asked if he sleeps, I’m yet to say yes actually he does, when he sleeps in bed with us. When it gets to bed time my little boy lays down next to his mummy and we all go to sleep. No tears, no screaming and we all get cuddles. Co sleepingย  with baby Monkey works for us.

You may wonder why I don’t talk about this, yet I’m telling you all now. It’s because I can’t see the reactions of those who disagree with how we are raising our son. Yet in person I’ve been witness to people talking about families who co-sleep, the eye rolling, the talk of spoiling the child and worse talk of it being damaging.

What would be more damaging, is C being so tired each day after trying to get Monkey into his Moses every ten minutes.

We are planning on getting Monkey in to a Cot bed when he’s big enough. But right now we are enjoying the closeness we get from snuggling up at bed time.


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  1. farfromhomemama Reply

    You enjoy doing what you’re doing. If the two if you and Monkey are happy then you’re doing a great job. I would have loved to snuggle with my son from time to time but he has never been able to settle in our bed. Not as a baby and not even now as a nearly two year old. I can’t imagine how nice it must be.

    Sleeping-wise, he slept from 7-7 from about three months but woke up for two feeds until around 8 months and 1 feed until 14 months. If asked, I say he didn’t sleep through til 14 months. There’s no shame in that. I was okay with it an he’s always been a happy little boy.

    • My Two Mums Reply

      Thank you for your comment ๐Ÿ™‚

      Monkey just seems to settle as soon as his little back touches our bed. But as soon as he is in his Moses he wakes. He are happy doing what we do.

  2. Amy Tidd Reply

    We have been lucky and Xander seems to like his Moses basket. Even if he’s not sleeping he’ll often quietly lie in it. But if that wasn’t the case I’d co sleep too. How many adults still sleep in the same bed as their parents? He’ll go into a cot when he’s good and ready and as long as your safe with covers etc there’s no harm at all. I agree c needs sleep looking after a baby all day is tiring work!!

    • My Two Mums Reply

      I know, it’s like people are worried we will have a 40 year old monkey still sleeping in our bed lol.

      Plus looking after a baby all day is v tiring!

  3. Hayley Reply

    Co sleeping is totally natural and it’s the mainstream parents who are going against nature. Just like the fact no animal pushes their baby in a buggy. They all hold them or wear them in pouches!

    Co sleeping rocks for many reasons not least the fact you get sleep! I’ve co slept with both mine. First I didn’t plan to. It just happened. Second I planned it!

    • My Two Mums Reply

      It does rock indeed. We never planned to co Sleep. It’s just the best thing for our little Monkey right now.

      He’s happy so we are happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. WallyMummy Reply

    I had my little girl in the moses basket with us up to 12 weeks but then I was really happy to move her into her own room. I just never slept soundly with her next to me. Every time she breathed loudly or moved I’d wake up and it was exhausting! I admire those that can co-sleep and feel rested but it just wasn’t for me I’m afraid! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

    • My Two Mums Reply

      It’s not for everyone. It just works for us. I love hearing his little snuffles all night. All though it’s C that gets to hear them up close lol.

  5. Jodie Reply

    You know what just really annoyed me about this blog? This sentance:

    “You may wonder why I donโ€™t talk about this, yet Iโ€™m telling you all now. Itโ€™s because I canโ€™t see the reactions of those who disagree with how we are raising our son.”

    He is YOUR son, you raise him as you see fit, quite frankly it’s nothing to do with anyone else. From what I can see your both doing a fantastic job! You have a beautiful happy little boy. Who cares what other people think? It’s not like your asking to co sleep with them, do whatever suits your family best and anyone who has anything negative to say can co sleep off!

    ๐Ÿ˜‰ xxx

  6. Steph @imcountingufoz Reply

    We co sleep and it’s lovely. Our son always starts off in his bed but he toddles into us and snuggles pretty much every night. When he isn’t there, I feel bereft of his cuddly toddler body.

    The same goes with our 4 year old daughter, though she pretty much always sleeps through. No one is denied a snuggle in our bed.

    I don’t think it spoils them, rather, they know of they want to feel close to mum and dad we are there for them. They are little for such a short time, make the most of it, I say x

    • My Two Mums Reply

      We are indeed making the most of it. We know there will come a time when he shuns our cuddles as they won’t be “cool” but until then we will keep on snuggling ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. More Than Words Reply

    We get the same reactions when we tell people that Gracie still sleeps in her Pack ‘n Play in our room at 7 months. The comments that follow my answer to the “sleep question” always involve looks of concern and questions like, “do you think she’s going to have a harder time transitioning to her room at an older age”, or “are you ever worried she’ll have attachment issues”. My answer is always – no. She also co-sleeps with us at least once a week (gasp)!

    At the end of the day you have to do what works for you and your kiddo. Mom(s) know best!

  8. My Two Mums Reply

    I agree. We have to do what’s best as parents. As long as baby and parents are happy that’s all that is important ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Anna C Reply

    The sleep discussion always makes me laugh. My little boy was an ideal sleeper for the first six months of his life, fed to sleep, woke up to feed then right back to sleep again, slept through at four months (the whole night). Then at six months his sleep went mad, he would wake up crying and he only way he’d go back to sleep was in our bed. This went on for a year! So I think my point is that sleeping is never set in stone. And who are we to deny such little people what comforts them? I get all teary now when I think about his little body beside us, simultaneously kicking me in the head and headbutting his father…

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