Toddler Proof iphone cover? Try a Lifeproof cover.

Last year C brought me a great iPhone cover to toddler proof my iPhone. It protected it from bumps, a teething monkey and the occasional water splash. It did the job at the time, but was a bit bulky and started to come apart. That’s when an email from Lifeproof changed everything.

We had just reviewed a Lifeproof iPad cover when we were offered an iPhone 5 Lifeproof cover. From the moment it arrived I could tell it was going to be the cover for me. It completely enclosed the whole iPhone, making it water tight, safe from drops and perfect to take on holiday to capture fun in the swimming pool.

LifeProof live by a mission I love –  “We seek to change the way you live, work and play with your mobile electronics. LifeProof’s premium smartphone cases, tablet cases and accessories are designed to deliver complete confidence and total freedom – the freedom to live however, whenever and wherever your life takes you.

This year C and I made a decision to start living more and to do the things we want to in live and if that involves taking my iPhone into the sea when visiting the beach, that is what I can now do.


The LifeProof shock protection has been put to the test over and over again, with a toddler in the house you can guarantee that most things get dropped on the floor if within reach of little hands. My phone has survived being dropped onto a tile floor, being thrown at a wall and has been stood on by a 2 stone toddler.



The waterproof abilities of the case is where it comes into it’s own! All the openings of the phone are completely covered, the headphone socket has a screw in removable plug and the charging port is covered by an easy to open watertight hinged door. Under the advice in the instructions I put the case through a water test before putting my phone in. Once we were in a swimming pool on holiday I took the plunge without hesitation.

It was so much fun being able to film underwater and have my phone in the pool without worrying it was going to get damaged. Everyone kept coming over to me to ask how I was managing to use my phone in the water, I think I managed to sell several covers whilst on holiday. One of my favourite moments using the LifeProof cover was when I went away to Center Parcs for a friends birthday. C and M were at home and I was able to whatsapp them a selfie from the middle of the pool.



The cover is really easy to assemble and comes with a handy attachment that extends the headphones port and keeps it watertight so you could listen to music by the pool without worrying about splashes. Lifeproof stock covers to fit the several different Apple devices and some Samsung Galaxy phones.

My LifeProof cover costs approx £69.99 depending on which retailer you purchase from. I think it’s a great price for what it protects your phone from and is probably cheaper than the excess on a mobile’s insurance.  There are even additional accessories you can buy that are compatible with the LifeProof cover. I am really happy I discovered this brand, I think they have a great future ahead of them.


This video was filmed on my iPhone using my LifeProof cover:


*I was sent a cover for the purpose of this review, all views and opinions are my own.

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  1. Lucy DearBeautiful Reply

    I’ve heard great things about these and it’s fantastic that they allow you to use your phone in water, so useful for parents who want to snap away or video in the water. And certainly a great deal cheaper than buying a waterproof camera. x

  2. Clare Mansell Reply

    I asked everywhere at Center Parcs if they sold the lifeproof cover, but they didn’t – they are really missing out (and so did I!) It’s on my birthday wish list!

  3. Lucy's mad house Reply

    Never heard of these before, looks brilliant, I am always toddler chasing when one of them gets hold of my phone in case something happens to it, my worst fear is if it gets chucked down the toilet

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