Tomy Boon Feeding Range  -Review

I love the bright colours of the Tomy Boon Feeding range. Our Groovy Modwear Plate, Swing Tall Cup and Swing Short Snack Pot really stand out against the other ‘traditional’ meal time items we have in the house.

Groovy Modwear Plate – Orange and Blue

If you’re looking at moving onto the next stage in feeding, like we are with Monkey, we would recommend this plate and cutlery set.

The Groovy Plate has a rubberised bottom so it doesn’t slide around the table/tray when M picks food up from it, which is great because it rarely ends up on the floor. I love all the little plates and bowls. If M is in a picky mood we can separate the food so he can decide what he wants to eat, rather than it all being thrown together.

The little blue bowls are also great for putting sauces or fruit in. I think it also makes meal time a bit fun. We’re always moving the blue bowls and putting them in different positions on the plate. However I find the plates a little small, and this causes the food to take longer to cool down.

I really like the Spoon and Spork *Image to follow, we use these every day, so they are always covered in food when I come to take a picture*, they have an easy grip handle and M loves to hold them and feed himself. The spoon is also just the right depth so there’s no hot pieces of food hiding at the bottom.

All the items are Microwave Safe.

In all a great product. The Groovy Modwear Plate retails at £10.82 which if I am completely honest I would find a little on the expensive side, but the quality is great and we’ve used them lots.

Swing Short Snack Pot – Green and Purple

I like the swing lid, it’s so much easier to access the snacks than using the click lids. The colours are great but I’m not overly keen on this product.

I find the opening is too small. M can’t get his little hand in and I struggle to get the snack out. When your child is hungry you need to be able to get to it quickly. Also due to the design food easily gets caught in the crease at the bottom of the pot.

On a plus side, it looks great and it’s the perfect size for our changing bag. I just wish the opening was bigger.

The Swing Short Snack Pot retails at £5.41

Swing Tall Sippy Cup – Green and Purple

I love the design of this cup. The spout sits at an angle which helps Monkey to drink from it. With other Sippy Cups we have tried, M struggles to lift the bottle enough to get any water from it. If the Swing Sippy Cup is full he only needs to lift it very slightly. Also, he seems to be able to hold it very well.

The swing lid is fantastic! When you click it shut the spout bends which stops any water from leaking out.

The Swing Tall Cup is leak proof. Our little Monkey has tried putting his finger in the spout to get the water to spill out but so far he’s been unsuccessful. At first M struggled to get any water from it has he seems to have to suck quite hard but he’s now a pro, so I would persevere if you are already using it and have come across the same issue.

I would recommend this cup. We use it almost everyday. A must have in our house hold.

The Swing Tall Sippy Cup retails at £6.66 which I think is quite reasonable.

*We were sent these items to review. All views are our own.

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