Too Hasty

Having spent the weekend contemplating my last post and having had a long overdue heart to heart with the person who’s remarks had upset me I realise I was too hasty.

I wrote about how some health professionals are blinded by their training and can’t seem to look past it, especially when it comes to breast feeding. It may have come across that I was attacking them all. What I neglected to write about was how amazing the work they do is.

I had a few midwives who I will remember forever. As I was induced I had someone with me all the time, they all spoke calmly to me and rubbed my back, one even told me off mid pushing which spurred me on when I was at breaking point.

The woman who delivered Monkey will always have a special place in my memories as she seemed very emotional when he was born and even grabbed K and gave her a hug.

I would also like to say how in awe I am of the mothers out there who are breast feeding, you are all doing a fantastic job.

And to my friend, you do an amazing job and even though we disagree I still love you.

C xx


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