Our top 5 Halloween videos on YouTube Kids

Our little dude is a huge YouTube Kids fan ever since the app was launched in the UK. If he’s not watching Pokemon on Netflix, he’s watching egg opening videos or dinosaurs singing on YouTube Kids. The great thing about YouTube Kids is that it is totally kid friendly and kid proof. M can open the app, use the voice search function to find videos and watch the content he wants to watch whilst we have no fears he will stumble across something inappropriate.

We also love the app as M can watch on the iPad or stream what he is watching to our Chrome-cast on the TV, which means we all get to share in the delight of children opening Playdoh eggs over and over again. I kid (Clara is a huge fan of egg opening videos!).

We are lovers of seasonal viewing and have started to watch Halloween videos in prep for one of our favourite times of the year. So we thought we would share our top 5¬†Halloween videos on YouTube Kids. Let us know your favourite videos to watch on YouTube Kids in the comments. Bonus points if you can suggest some Halloween videos we haven’t watched yet.


5 Halloween videos on youtube

Huge apologies if your children end up watching several of these on repeat. Last year both C and I could sing several Halloween songs from memory thanks to M watching so many Halloween videos on YouTube.

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