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The lovely Top That Publishing sent us 3 books to read and review, many moons ago. We had great ambitions of reading them to Monkey and him loving them. But he wasn't really that responsive, so to give them a fair review we waited until he was able to hold concentration and react to our voices.

The three books we were sent are called – Yappy, Happy, Dilly Dog – The Froobles, Little Jack Potato and the big surprise – Five Little Penguins.

Top That Publishing - Book Review -


The first book I looked at with Monkey was Yappy Happy Dilly Dog. I enjoyed the story and loved interacting with him with the puppet. The book allowed you to open each page and put your hand in to the dogs mouth to make it move. I've seen a few of the puppet books before and always wanted to get one when I had a child. It certainly made the story telling fun and I'm sure as Monkey grows he will enjoy the puppet more.

The Froobles didn't really hold Monkey's attention. C really didn't like this book as she felt it was kind of sinister. I don't wish to ruin any of the stories but this one involved a lesson being taught and neither of us agreed with how it was written. I've since found the Froobles app and looked up other books and decided we may have enjoyed the Froobles more if we'd been sent a different one. But this is one book we won't be reading to Monkey as he grows up.

Five Little Penguins was another odd one. Odd in the sense that it referenced one of the penguins getting eaten. Now I'm all for children understanding the circle of life and learning about food chains, but penguins getting eaten in a children's book, not for us. I enjoyed the rest of the story, but C just couldn't recover from the trauma**. On a positive note M loved touching the raised penguins and it even held his attention. We now read it with an alternative less traumatic scenario.

If I had to choose a favourite it would definitely be Yappy Dappy Dilly Dog, I can see us reading this for man years to come.

*we were sent these books free of charge for the purpose of review.

** C is an incredibly sensitive soul and is easily effected by particular topics. Please source other reviews of others with less of a sensitive disposition before you make any decisions. 😉

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