Travelling with a toddler in the car

We are very lucky that our little man has always been great in the car. Travelling with a toddler in the car can be tense, especially on long journeys. So we went to Twitter to ask for tips for those travelling with a toddler to possibly help make your trip a smoother journey.

These were the great responses we received.


So what do we take on a journey? We fill our iPad and iPhones with Toddler apps, Cbeebies episodes from iPlayer and a playlist of songs on Spotify. This way when everything else we pack gets boring, we have a variety of things on offer all on one device. We suggest a sturdy cover for your iPad and iPhone if you’re going to let your child loose with it, especially in the back of the car. You are only one roundabout away from your phone skidding under the front seat. My iPhone is currently protected by the Tech21 Patriot case (£39.99) and it has been put through it’s paces. The Tech21 case protects against impacts, dust and dirt and liquid splashes. My phone has ended up under the front seat, squished under a children’s car seat and survived being sprayed with a cartoon of juice. The Tech21 Patriot case also makes the phone easy for little hands to handle. Clara has a smaller cover on her phone which is quite slippery when M holds it, but mine is quite chunky and great to grab. travel pin

We find snacks are super important on long car journeys and like to make sure all snacks are easy to nibble with minimal mess. Kiddylicious snacks are our favourite go to snack as they come in a variety of flavours and easy to munch packs. Also we always seem to find them on offer in various supermarkets. Drinks are another must, with water being top of our drink list. It’s thirst quenching, free and not sticky when inevitably spilled by an energetic toddler.

If you’re looking for a great travel bottle The Genuine Thermos Brand Double Wall Hydration Bottle(RRP £15) is a fantastic bottle that works well for the whole family. I am a fan of cold drinks and hate it when your drink gets warm during your journey, so the double wall feature ensures your drink stay’s cool. The lid is leak proof (always a HUGE bonus when you have children) and is operated by a handy one handed push button. I’ve also been using this bottle on my fitness walks as I love the way it doesn’t get wet on the outside of the bottle when I fill it with ice cold water. Our little dude loves the push button feature as he can get to his water without the need for us to contort ourselves into the back seat. Who knew so many kids bottles require Hulk strength to turn the lids?!

travel bottle


Now if like our family you allow snacks in the car, you will start to accumulate rubbish at some point in the journey. This is where a Tidy Freaks comes in handy. Choose from three adorable little monsters to keep your child company in the back seat, as well as collecting all their rubbish from their snacks. The Tidy Freaks attach to the head rest of your front seat, by velcro. We were pretty impressed by how much rubbish M managed to fill Gimi with and are really pleased the inside is wipe-able as a couple of sticky items found their way into his mouth. This little critter has become a standard fixture in our car and M won’t let us go anywhere if he can’t see him attached to the front seat.

travel tidy freak

Our boot is almost always home to a spare set of clothes or comfy PJs for those late night journey’s or drink accidents. Weather can change by the minute in the UK, so a nice travel mac or wellies is always a good idea to have in the car for those leg stretching moments at the services.

It’s also vital to have a sense of humour when travelling with a toddler in the car. No journey is ever the same and it’s quite surprising how many interesting events can occur when in full on travel mode.

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