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Since we started our blog, over 7 years ago, the support and kindness we have received is and has always been so overwhelming. Sometimes we often have to sit back and pinch ourselves that we have the opportunity to share our lives and experiences as two mums to our beautiful M, with you all. We also appreciate that blogging has given us a wonderful platform to reach so many amazing people, so that we can help those who need us the most.

In the past we have taken part in fundraising challenges for excellent causes, from Danceathons, to climbing Snowdon, to Spartan races to Kirsty’s truly amazing London Marathon last April.

I cannot begin to describe to you all that feeling of pride when K ran around the corner outside Buckingham Palace, just seconds away from the finish line. Both M and I jumped the barriers and were given the opportunity to run those last few feet alongside her, before leaving her to cross the finish line and claim her medal. What an inspiration my wife is, I am one lucky woman!

So it got me thinking about this year. Kirsty was in need of a much needed break and I was desperate to take on a huge challenge. We talked about it extensively and knew we wanted to raise money in aid of Breast Cancer, a disease which has affected our family, friends and work colleagues greatly in the past 10 years but more so in recent years. K also experienced a scare a few years ago when she noticed a lump in her breast, which thankfully was not breast cancer, but we experienced that agonising wait for the results and witnessed the devastation as we saw women return to the hospital waiting areas, having been given a diagnosis.

So I knew who I wanted to raise money for, but how was the next question.

Then it came to me one day whilst I was scrolling through my Instagram, a post from Giovanna Fletcher (@mrsgifletcher), calling for people to sign up to a once in a lifetime fundraising trip to trek across the Himalayas with Coppafeel!, Giovanna herself, Brooke Vincent, Fabulous Magazine and 99 other amazing fundraisers, as part of their 10 year anniversary. So I thought to myself, just give it a go, fill in the application form, see what happens, life is too short. I didn’t even tell Kirsty at first, I just filled in the application, sent it off, then mentioned it later, it was very unlikely that I would be chosen any way.

Fast forward 6 weeks, I’m at work and the mobile starts to ring and I don’t recognise the number. Now I don’t usually pick up calls whilst at work, or numbers I don’t recognise but something made me answer;

“Hi I’m Emma, how are you? I’m calling because you recently applied to take part in the trek across the Himalayas with Coppafeel. We’ve had a huge response with over 800 applications. . . ”

Ok, so this is my rejection call, 800 people!

“. . . We were very impressed with your application and we would love you to join us on the trip.”

Drop the mic!!

My heart jumped into my throat and I was lost for words. At first all I could muster was; Oh My God, and, of course I would like to go! Yes!

I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

After the call I jumped to my feet, I had tears rolling down my face and I was shaking uncontrollably. I picked up the phone to call Kirsty but she had only just come home from the hospital following another painful endometriosis episode and had fallen asleep on the sofa. My colleagues just stared at me, wondering what was going on!

About 45 minutes later I managed to speak to Kirsty and it all suddenly became real. The huge challenge I was hoping for was mapped out before me and there was no turning back.

So this is where you, our lovely readers come into the picture. Over the next 5 months I need to raise £3000 for Coppafeel! Which goes towards the vital work they are doing to educate both men and women about the early signs and symptoms of breast cancer. They encourage everyone to check your breasts and pecs at least once a month, either whilst in the shower or getting dressed, in the hope of catching breast cancer in the early stages. Grab your Boobs or Check Your Pecs!

Over 11,500 women die from breast cancer in the UK each year, of which 75% could have been caught earlier with the correct education and 25% of these deaths could have been prevented. More and more men and women who have learnt about Coppafeel are now receiving regular check-ups or checking at home.

Even if you have the slightest worry about the signs or symptoms of breast cancer, please go to your GP or Doctor for a more detailed examination and do not take no for an answer.

If you can spare £1 or more to help me smash this £3000 target I would be so grateful to you. Equally, if you are able to help me fundraise through spreading the word to your family, friends and contacts that would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to get involved and are willing to help me raise money through bake sales or sponsored events, please get in touch, as I would like this total to go sky rocketing!

I have an exciting raffle prize that I will be announcing in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that also!

Please find the link to my Everyday Hero fundraising page here:

I will be keeping you all up to date with my training and fundraising progress on a regular basis, so please keep coming back as much as you can.

All of the money you donate will be sent directly to the Coppafeel charity and will not contribute towards the cost of my accommodation or travel directly, this is funded by Coppafeel and Fabulous Magazine.

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