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We were recently sent a Tumtum egg set for M to review as part of a new series by BumpPr, called Bump Judges. It involves a group of bloggers being sent a product for their little one to try out, whilst their parents write a review based on how well they and their little ones like it. Our little man has been testing the egg set to the max and using it for his little lunches. We have a very fussy eater on our hands, so have not had much success with using it for eggs, but it has been incredibly handy for his crackers, cheese and fruit. It even doubled up as a great spot the chicken distraction tool during a particularly hectic lunch.

The BPA, phthalate and PVC free Tumtum egg set, comes with a spoon which is perfectly designed to fit inside an egg with ease. The design is bright and colourful and perfect to keep little ones interested in their lunch. The base has a handy non slip rim to add extra grip when using on a highchair or table. We also loved the fact it was dishwasher safe as we’ve accidentally ruined a few of M’s little plates due to popping them in the dishwasher without checking. The raised rim round the outside it great at keeping all M’s food on his plate, despite his best attempts at maneuvering his crackers onto the floor. The egg holder is quite deep and can hold an egg well enough for little hands to dip toast into it. So many egg cups we have used in the past would not be suitable for little hands as they don’t hold the egg securely enough.


The surface area of the plate is big enough to hold some soldiers to dip in an egg or even some veggies, if using the egg holder as a dipping pot. M loves pointing to the chicks on the spoon and asking what they are. It really is a cute little addition to his dinner sets. It can be easily used for multiple purposes if your little one is not keen on eating eggs frequently. It could even be used with some melted chocolate in the egg holder and some lovely fruits to dip.


As part of the Bump Judges series we are giving the Tumtum egg set a score out of 5. The score we gave it is 4 out of 5. The only thing that lost it a point was the price, it is a little out of our budget at £12.50, but it would make a lovely little gift for a niece or nephew on their birthday.

Visit the Tumtum site to buy or check out the rest of their range.

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*We were sent the Tumtum egg set for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are our own.

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  1. Lauren Reply

    Wow I love this. Such a great idea to have the egg cup and plate as one. But I also agree that the price is a bit too high, I’m not sure I would pay that.

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