Valentine’s Day in London

Before our little man came into our world, our Valentine’s day was usually spent in Brighton or London, enjoying a nice dinner in town and a walk round the shops. We have never been big on gifts for each other to celebrate, choosing to spend the money on enjoying the day and this has carried on over the years. This year we decided we would spend our Valentine’s Day in London.

Our little dude was super excited at the prospect of spending money from his Nanny, in Hamleys, whilst C and I were looking forward to lunch at Five Guys. We arose at 6:30am to get ready and into London to take advantage of the free parking near Regents street and actually made really good time getting into town.

London smiles

London little door

London shops run on different opening hours to the rest of the UK, opening at 12pm on a Sunday instead of the mostly standard 11am. This gave us time to have a stroll round Carnaby street as we waited for Hamleys to open. Carnaby street hosts many little gems that Clara and I have noted we want to return to when we get a child free weekend.

London built

London carnaby

London bench

Hamleys was worth the wait as we were some of the first to make it into the store and were out again with a brand new bull dozer all within 15 minutes. The queue for Hamleys gets incredibly long as it gets closer to opening time, so if you want to get in their quickly, we suggest taking the time to queue at least 15 minutes before it opens.

London window

London big smiles

London Look up

London queue

After Hamleys we headed to Wholefoods to grab some lunch for M and onto Five Guys for Clara and I. Wholefoods was like entering an amazing cavern of healthy foods. Clara and I have decided we will be visiting it for lunch on our next visit to London. Five Guys didn’t disappoint and was packed and busy like it’s been during each visit we have made.

Soon our time in London was over, so we decided to make a little stop on our way home, to Bushy Park near Hampton Court. I spent many weekends here as a child and was very happy to see M running along paths I once ran as a child. The main play area near the centre of Bushy Park has a sand pit, which was perfect for M to test his new bull dozer.

London two smiles

London running

London rocks

It was bitterly cold, but this didn’t stop our little outdoor lover and soon he was in full swing, ploughing through the sand. Sadly some of the park was shut off by fencing and padlocks, but this didn’t stop our fun. We ran, we jumped and we skipped back to the car once our fingers started to lose all feeling. Back on the road to Dorset we discussed our plans for our next visit to London. M wants us to visit the “Dinosaur museum” with his best friend and Clara and I would love to take him on the London Eye. It’s great having the luxury of the countryside as our home, with only a 2 hour drive to somewhere we love almost as much.

London Bulldozer

London digging

We’ve already planned our next trip to London. It’s probably going to involve a museum or zoo trip. The luxury of London is how versatile a visit can be.

How did you spend Valentine’s Day? Do you love London as much as us?

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  1. tamarsb Reply

    Sounds like a perfect day! I love love love WholeFoods – one of my favorite food shops.

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