Voltron: Legendary Defender launches on Netflix

At the end of last month we were super excited to become Netflix Stream Team members. Which means over the next year we will enjoy exclusives, sneak previews and fab news to share with you, our readers. We were sent a rather awesome box of goodies to open including a mini iPad to stream Netflix and various toys and edible items to enjoy whilst watching.

Clara and I have been subscribers to Netflix for years, so have a long list of shows we love to watch, including the rather awesome Orange is the new black. We managed to binge watch series 4 in record time this year and are already sad we have to wait another year for the next. But our little man is a fan of discovering new shows every day, which is why it was great when he received some fab Voltron: Legendary Defender goodies in the post to celebrate it’s launch.


voltron cuffs

Voltron: Legendary Defender

voltron drinks bottle

Voltron: Legendary Defender is an animated series about an 100 meter tall robot warrior composed of five lions. This fab cartoon is a reboot of a cartoon from my childhood, so it was great to see M enjoy it. He’s a huge fan of transformers so anything featuring a robot is pretty cool in his eyes. To be honest, even I can sit through the episodes and enjoy them.


stream team

We were sent these goodies and various other goodies as part of our Netflix Stream Team package.

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