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Now that November is almost over we are finally able to take Beau to some of our favourite beaches. The beach can be a tad cool this time of year, but it’s incredibly beautiful when the sun shines. Thanks to some rather fab coats and shoes from Millets we are able to enjoy some warmer dog walks as Winter approaches.

Dog walk Millets techincals

Traditionally this is the time of year we seek warmth and comfort in the home. But now that we are dog owners we are spending much more time outdoors, in rain or shine. I have always wanted a parka jacket to keep me warm in the Winter months, but never managed to find one that fitted me, until now.

Dog walk techincals fleece

When my Parka from Millets arrived I was so impressed with the fit. Plenty of pockets was one of my first requirements, a generous hood and the length to keep the back of my legs dry were all things I looked for in a Winter coat. The waterproof fabric has been put to the test on an incredibly wet day and it passed with flying colours, as I stayed totally dry. The coat could benefit from being a bit more generous in the chest area, but I can comfortably wear a hoodie under the coat without feeling restricted.

Dog walk standing beach

Dog Walk Polar Parka

Dog walk on the beach

Clara decided a fleece was the best item to keep her warm on Winter dog walks as she suffers with the cold quite a bit. Layering clothes has always been something I have done due to experience as a Girl Guide camping in cool weather. So Clara took my suggestion and went for a mid layer item to help keep her nice and warm. The sleeves also come with thumb loops to keep the warmth trapped in the sleeves, which was a bonus for Clara.

Dog walk on the beach Brasher Boots

Dog walk Brasher shoes

Our next priority to consider was our feet, anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors in the cold weather will agree that warm toes are super important. We live in a muddy village with many puddles that never seem to dry out, so waterproof shoes were a must. Both Clara and I chose Brasher waterproof shoes, I went for the high boot whilst Clara went for the smaller shoe style.

Dog walk big smiles

I have found the boots to be the comfiest boots I have ever worn. They keep my toes warm and dry and are the softest boots I’ve found. Clara has had a bit of an issue wearing in her shoes, but she agrees they certainly keep your feet warm and dry. My best advice when it comes to winter footwear is to make sure you take the time to dry them out after a wet walk. I find setting them down on some newspaper to dry out and then brushing the mud off once they’re dry is the easiest way to keep them clean.

I’m confident that this Winter we be experiencing a lot more warmer dog walks than we anticipated. We’ll definitely be taking M back to the beach as he loved it and we all had a great time.

We were sent these items for the purpose of review.

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  1. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    That coat looks really cozy, I have nothing for the winter weather and really must invest in some boots this year as my good boots are getting ruined on our winter woodland walks.

    Gorgeous photos xx

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