Wauwaa – Nokian Wellies Review

Before heading to Camp BestivaL we made a list of must have items to make our trip stress free and enjoyable. An item on the top of our list were Wellies and boy did they come in handy.

The British weather is renowned for being very unpredictable, even during the hottest summer in over 4 years. On the Saturday morning, Monkey woke us up bright and early at 6am and moments later the heavens opened.

The downpour was one of the heaviest of the whole summer and we were trapped inside a little tent in the middle of a field. After what seemed like a lifetime we started to get very hungry, so we reached for the waterproofs and the wellingtons and headed out into rain.


We bought Monkey’s Nokian wellies (£24) from Wauwaa, a site which we absolutely love. We had never heard of this brand before and have always been on the lookout for some well fitting wellies which will fit his wide feet.


Over the last 2 years we have gone through quite a few pairs and these without doubt are the best we have tried. We purchased the wellies some months back, however they came up a little big and it’s only now that he is able to wear them without them falling off, which is perfect for us, heading into Autumn. We would highly recommend the Nokian Wellies for your little one. They support his feet well and keep him very dry.


Not only do Wauwaa work with and supply items from some of our much loved baby brands, which is great to find everything you need all in one place, they also offer excellent advice from pregnancy and birth to babies and parenting. It’s a fantastic website to help guide you through the world of parenting.

I love how they have tried to include people from all walks of life and recognise that all families are different. It’s lovely to see a website that not only sells quality products but offers their customers help and advice, they really have you in mind. We will most certainly be returning. We highly recommend you visit this wonderful website.

*We were provided with a voucher to purchase these wellies from Wauwaa. All views and opinions are our own.

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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    Those wellies look such great quality, the ones we usually buy look so flimsy in comparison x

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