We are now part of the GoPro Family

Two years ago we took on an adventure that would give us a life changing experience. Armed with a GoPro we captured our family adventures over a few weeks and submitted a final video to a competition to win a trip to the GoPro Mountain Games. Although we were confident we had put our all into it, we were up against tough competition and knew the videos were of high quality. So we were over the moon when we were announced as the winners by Tots100.

This is the video which won us the competition. We still sit and watch it with M every now and then as it holds so many fun memories for us.

Two years later we were on a plane to Colorado to experience the holiday of a lifetime surrounded by athletes, musicians and fellow GoPro fans.  We were very kindly gifted the new Session and the GoPro Hero4 Silver and decided to commit much more to producing high quality GoPro videos and photography.  We came back from America with heads full of ideas and a backpack full of accessories to help us put our ideas into motion.
Our GoPro kit now goes with us everywhere and has captured Summer trips to the beach, the park and I even took it to the Mad Blog Awards. Our little dude has been trained how to use the Session to capture his own adventures and is always keen to help me set up the different mounts we use.
We couldn’t have been happier with our experience with GoPro and the memories they had helped us experience and capture. Then an email landed in our inbox, “would you like to become GoPro family members?”. Now having experienced how the GoPro team look after and respect their family members whilst in Colorado, we jumped at the chance. To be recognised by a brand that we adore and literally use every single day is amazing. We are so excited to see where our relationship goes and enjoy the adventures it takes us on.
GoPro Family Members
So it’s taken two years from meeting our first ever GoPro to becoming GoPro Family members and it has totally been worth the wait. We are grateful to the Tots100 team for choosing us to work on the GoPro campaign two years ago and thankful that GoPro has seen potential in our little family.
GoPro Family Members gear
So something you can take away from this post is that dreams do come true, work hard on things you believe in and stay true to who you are, because someday someone will recognise that in you and hopefully make your dreams come true.

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  1. Chloe Reply

    This is so so exciting for you guys! What a perfect fit. I remember you falling in love with all things go pro a few years ago and since then I always associate you guys with the brand. On that note, I think I’m finally going to invest in one and put it on my Christmas list as I think it would be really fun to get the kids involved in helping me capture our adventures, so I’ll be looking to you to tell me which one to go for!

  2. Colette B Reply

    I love this! That first go pro video inspired me to want one of my own. I’ve got a lot of learning to do but we love playing with it.

  3. Wellington Paulino Reply

    Hello, I’m Wellington from Brazil. I really enjoy your post. I would like to be a GoPro family member. Greetings.

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