We support the Women’s March

Last weekend as we headed towards London to see friends and family for a wedding reception we tried to work out if we had time to make it into town for the Women’s March. We realised we could probably make it into London, but we were not likely to make it out again in time for the wedding reception so we decided to support the Women’s March online. The Women’s March in London were live streaming on Facebook and the marches in America had great coverage on Instagram and Twitter.

The Women’s March was a march to protect women’s rights and other causes including and not limited to protection of the natural environment, LGBTQ rights, racial justice and many more important issues. I feel very strongly about being vocal when we feel things are wrong and I think we are much louder together so it was great to see so many followers of ours across social media taking their families along to their local march.

Clara and I are raising our son to be a feminist and are trying to provide him with the right views and access to information a 4 year old can understand. We have talked about why it is important for him to treat women as equals and that there are things in the world we need to change by making noise, the good kind of noise.

I wanted to share some fab pictures from our lovely followers who made it to the Women’s March, please show them some love by visiting their blogs to read about the rest of their adventures.

Dos Mamas took their adorable daughter and baby boy bump to their local Women’s March with this awesome sign.

Heather from Little Tin Bird went to the Shipley March in West Yorkshire and shared these fab shots.


Transatlantic Blonde shared this fab pic of her attending a Women’s March with her son.

I know this is just the start of the noise we can all make and next time I will proudly take my little family along to support in person.

Featured image credit – womensmarch.com

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