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For several years now Clara and I have struggled with out weight going up and down on the scale as the seasons change. We’ve been having success with healthy meal planning, but still felt our minds weren’t totally tuned into a healthy lifestyle. That is until we started Thinking Slimmer.

If you’re tired of fad diets, depriving yourself of things you love and slogging your guts out in front of exercise DVDs without any real changes in your attitude towards food, then Thinking Slimmer is for you. The idea behind Thinking Slimmer is to listen to a ten minute sound file called a Slimpod, which is designed to re-tune your brain and your attitude towards food and keeping fit.


C and I decided that we would listen together in bed, just before we went to sleep. The soft tones of Tevor instantly relaxed us and we found ourselves falling asleep before the slimpod reached halfway. This worried us at first, but Trevor reassures you that falling asleep is a natural thing to do when listening and the pod continues to talk to your unconscious whilst you sleep.

We’ve been listening over two weeks now and are confident that Thinking Slimmer is started to take effect. C moved to just drinking water throughout the day instead of juices and fizzy pop and has already noticed a weight loss. I have found myself getting fuller quicker during meals and also not snacking like I did previously.

Alongside the slimpod, you also receive daily emails from Sandra, the creator of Thinking Slimmer. These contain motivational inspiration in the form of quotes, facts and links to things that can help you on your journey. I am also lucky enough to be trailing their Helping hands programme. Helping hands is a 12 week programme offering weekly advice, and encouragement. This is an additional package you can purchase to accompany your slimpod.

We will be documenting our success on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. My goal is to fit in a smaller sized suit at the Mad Blog Awards and Clara’s is to lose a couple of stone.

We’d love to know if you’ve had success with Thinking Slimmer, leave us a comment or share your before and after pics with us on Twitter.



*We have received our slimpods and Helping hands programme for free, all views are our own.

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  1. mummydaddyme Reply

    I have heard really good things about Thinking Slimmer, and have seen a few bloggers over the years say it was a great thing for them. Good luck to both of you in your weight loss journey. x

  2. Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely Reply

    Really interested to hear how you get on with this. Although, it does remind me of the tape that Chandler used in Friends to stop smoking … ‘you are a strong, confident woman …’. 🙂

  3. Lauren Reply

    Good luck ladies. I’ve heard great things about Thinking Slimmer so looking forward to seeing how you get on x

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