What comes after one?

In 3 weeks today my baby boy turns one years old. I’m both dreading it and willing it to come. I can’t wait to see my boy on his birthday, family members showering him with love, gifts and cake whilst mummy quietly sobs in a corner (only joking). I am going to be the proudest mother in the whole world!

However, there is a niggling question that I keep asking myself – what comes after 1?

Everyone I speak to keeps saying, “Oh, you’re going to see such a change in him once he turns 1!”

To me, he’ll always be my baby. A lovely friend of ours – Lucy from Dear Beautiful was telling me that the 2nd year is better than the 1st. Lucy then exclaimed that I won’t know it until it comes.

In my head I keep thinking of the Kevin and Perry sketch when the innocent boy walks up the stairs a child and returns the next day as a disgusting horrid teenager.

Is my baby going to bed a baby and waking up a toddler?

I don’t have a clue what’s to come after one and it’s a little bit scary in all honesty. I tell you one thing though, I’m glad the scary year is going to be over. None of the constant

“Can he have this before he’s one?”

“Are you allowed to do that before he’s 1?”

“Oh you shouldn’t do things this way before he’s one”

Hurrah! Crack open the cow’s milk, I’ll toast to that!


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  1. Lauren Reply

    Oh 1 isn’t anything to be scared of. 1 is amazing because of the masses of discoveries and developments. You will love it!
    I always found it funny when people said they weren’t allowed certain things until the are 1. Harry had pate 2 days before he turned one. I felt like a rebel 😉 xx

  2. Emma Reply

    With each year.. The fun increases.. The interaction.. The world opens up to them as each day passes! Just think of all those activities you’ll be doing as they get older. We’re going to be taking Oli to the cinema for the first time soon, I’m MEGA excited. I dont find myself looking much at his baby days as I look forward to the days ahead and the activities he has planned for himself and what we have planned for him 😀

  3. Kelly finn Reply

    Gosh I’m also really wondering about this, Tia’s one in seven weeks and like you I’m dreading it and looking forward to it. I just can’t quite believe I’m going to be the mother of a toddler? Where has the last year gone! *tries to find it*

  4. Me_andthe_tiny3 Reply

    I think the 1st year is amazing for seeing them develop from newborn to toddling/crawling but then in the second and third years they develop mentally and they are tougher years but those years to me are when they really start to become little people and gaining there on sense of the world around them. Also if M is anything like my two once he can talk he’ll have you in stitches with what he comes out with and his thoughts on the world x

  5. lucy at dear beautiful Reply

    I promise, promise, PROMISE that this time next year you will be telling me I was right! Being 1 brings so many amazing things, and all with the bonus of you not feeling like a total newbie at parenting. x

  6. Notmyyearoff Reply

    I was absolutely DREADING Z’s first birthday, it had gone by so quickly and I felt like I was losing that baby time. I was also stressed out organizing his first birthday so it was all very worrying. But the truth is, I didn’t have to worry at all, he was still my baby then and even at 2 and a half he is my baby now that likes to sleep with his face glued to mine some days. You find they just carry on getting so much fun over the second year and they start to understand you a lot more so you can interact a lot more too and see their personality and hear their first toddler sentence and watch them all amazed at their surroundings as they make you stop dead in your tracks to admire that little bird. It will be SO much fun! 🙂

  7. Liska @NewMumOnline Reply

    I didn’t see massive changes when Aaron turned 1 or 2. They were all really gradual and he was always ahead of himself anyway. Great speech and wearing age 3-4 clothes since the age of 2.
    BUT I saw massive massive changes when he turned 3.
    Hope you have a great celebration.
    Liska xx

  8. Gill Crawshaw Reply

    I’ll echo all of this, one is BRILLIANT! It’s such a good age. They stop being a baby and just become a little person. Being able to have a conversation (of sorts) with them just blows my mind every time. They understand so much more, it’s fantastic. Honestly 🙂

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