What’s in our Britmums Live Bag?

In a couple of days, C and I will be in the car on our way to Britmums Live 2014, a blogging conference held in London. Last year we didn’t really know what to expect, so I ended up packing everything but the kitchen sink in my rucksack. This lead to an incredibly sore back by the end of the weekend as I ended up carrying pretty much everything I took.

This year we are travelling much lighter. We are sharing a rucksack and C always travels very light. I am the one who likes to over prepare and take most of my gadgets, which means I must carry them. Last year I took our iPad and althought it was great to use to preserve iPhone battery, it adds quite a bit of weight to my bag, so that’s off the list this year.

Rucksack – Superdry Lightweight / two compartments


Nikon D3100 / Spare Battery / 3 memory cards / Battery Charger
Fujifilm Compact / memory card / Battery Charger
iPhone / Lifeproof Cover / Charging cable
Fujifilm Instax / Spare film
River Island Sunglasses
Super Hero Notebook / Happy Days Pencil Case – Supplied by the lovely Lauren
Animal Wallet / cash / cards /ID
Hand Creme
Cash Stache wallet to hold spare memory cards and battery
NomadKey / NomadCard
Bullet Journal
Business cards (moo.com)
Sonny Angel


I’ve chosen to take 3 cameras this year, this is because I want to capture instant moments, film and vlogs. I will also be snapping and filming on my iPhone, so technically I’ll have 4 cameras on me. If you see us, make sure you stop for a snap, I like to document who we meet.

I’m taking my Bullet Journal as it has a list of sessions I want to go to and also suggestions for what to photograph for a blog post whilst there. Tissues, my inhaler and hand creme are all essentials for a weekend away. If you’re on medication and going to Britmums Live, make sure you pack it! You don’t want to end up sat in the lobby waiting for a paramedic because your inhaler is 200 miles away on your bedside table.


My little cash stache bag was given to me by my mum and is perfect for holding my memory cards and a spare battery. I have no idea if I will fill every memory card, but because we want to film some vlogs whilst we are away, it was important to make sure we had enough space to fill. Not only am I taking an iPhone Charger, I am also taking a handy NomadCard we were sent to review, which charges your phone via USB and the standard 5/5s/5c port, it’s shaped like a credit card so can fit in your wallet. We also have a NomadKey with us which is handy to charge other smart phones or some digital cameras.

Business cards were something we decided we didn’t really need, but would take just in case. Last year we hardly handed any out, so if you see us, ask for a business card! I’m taking my little Monkey Sonny Angel, because he reminds me of M and I thought it would be super cute to have him in my backpack all weekend.



We’d love to know what you’re taking. Leave a comment if you’ve written a post or send us a picture on Twitter. Make sure you go check out Lauren and Hayley, who will also be sharing what they are taking to Britmums Live 2014.

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  1. Clare Swindlehurst Reply

    Yikes – I haven’t packed my bag yet! I’ll be travelling super light because I have a bad back so I’ll probably just have my iPhone (with it’s battery charger case that I bought for the occasion), a notebook and pen, my business cards (because I couldn’t resist) and some pain killers! Oh and a bottle of water 🙂
    I’ll be on the look out for you both – can’t believe it’s only 2 more sleeps!

  2. Hayley Reply

    The charger looks so clever! Loved the video that you made and that you’re taking a little monkey along with you.

  3. Lauren Reply

    That video is FAB!! You are so organised. 3 camera is very impressive, especially compared to my…erm…0 cameras x

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