What’s in a name?…

Since starting our family expanding journey, one of the most frequent questions we asked ourselves was what shall we refer to ourselves as.

In most heterosexual parenting relationships the question is not often posed. Yet there are many variations you can refer to your parents as. A few examples are mum, mummy, mother, dad, daddy, pops, papa.

The majority of heterosexual couples in the UK seem to plump for mummy n daddy which naturally progresses to mum and dad, once the child is old enough to be embarrassed by using the terms they used when they were small. Some children never feel that embarrassment and are quite happy to stick with mummy n daddy.
We on the other hand decided we didn’t want the confusion of both being referred to as mummy. I am sure once baby is here we would soon recognise which of us they were requesting if we did decide to both be mummy. But it’s not for us.
Clara has decided she will be referred to as mummy and I shall be mama. Mummy, to me always feels more feminine and maternal and this is why it wouldn’t suit me. Those who know me well know I am more on the cusp of paternal feelings. Which is why I feel mama is right. It just sort of fits me. I’m pretty sure our baby will make up its own names once it’s communicating, but until then we are mummy and mama.

Did you ever consider other parental names instead of mummy and daddy?

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  1. Leopard Print Mommy Reply

    harry, for a long time, called me DAN, we had no idea where it came from as my names lucy, he now sticks with either mom or momma, depending what mood hes in 🙂 x

  2. Laura and Sarah Reply

    This is great!

    Definitely something we think about a lot. Because S is English and I’m American, we think we’ll go for Mummy (S) and Mama/Mom (L) too.

    It’s funny how kids are – though I grew up in the states, my Mum is Australian, so I’ve always called her ‘Mom’ but written her name as Mum – I feel SO uncomfortable ever writing Mom to her haha!!

    Laura xo

  3. Gayby Journey Reply

    I think I’m excited to see just what comes out of their mouth! My little niece had a cute little nick name for me that began the week she turned one. It was one of only 5 words she could say at the time and it stuck with her for such a long time, that when she found out my real name she was devastated, so it still sticks. My partner and I can’t decide what surname to give the child? Do we hyphenate it? Just use mine (as i’m the bio mum)? It’s very undecided?

  4. Kayla Reply

    Though we haven’t discussed it much (babies are years away for us!), I’ve thought for awhile now that we will go the same route that you’ve chosen! Except, we will be Mom and Mama. And we have it flipped- I, the more feminine of the two, will be Mama, and my partner will be Mom. 🙂

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