When Monkey visited Monkey World

On Wednesday C was extremely lucky to be asked to chaperone her brother to see P!nk at the O2 in London. C has been a big fan of P!nk for years so even though she was incredibly anxious about leaving M for such a long time, she couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Not wanting to pass up the opportunity of a whole day with my little man, I booked the day off work and arranged a visit to Monkey World.

Monkey World is only 30 minutes from our door, which is handy as it’s one of my favourite places to visit. This was M’s first visit to Monkey World, so I was eager to see if he interacted with what he saw. M’s Nanna & Grandpa (my parents) joined us for our adventure, they hadn’t visited before, which was nice as I enjoyed sharing in their reactions to.

When Monkey visited Monkey World - mytwomums.com

The first place we headed once we’d bought our tickets, was the Treetops cafe. My dad needed his caffeine fix and M was due a snack. Inside the cafe was a little Soft play area with a viewing window to one of the Monkey houses. It was M’s first experience of seeing a Monkey up close and boy did they get up close. M wasn’t too sure about them at first, one of the monkey’s was trying his hardest to impress by swinging back and forth, we scooted close to the glass so my mum could take a picture and suddenly boom, one of the monkey’s had swung straight into the glass and nearly given my mum a heart attack (she recovered quickly). It seemed the monkey had us in its palms, it certainly was a very cheeky monkey, not too inline the Monkey in my arms.


When Monkey visited Monkey World - mytwomums.com

Once we were fully refreshed and ready to discover the other monkey’s, we wrapped M up and set out to find the Orang-utans, one of my favourites. I was worried at first, that M wouldn’t be able to see many of the monkey’s from his pushchair, I had with me a BabaSling and could carry him but its a long walk round Monkey World and I didn’t want him getting frustrated. But I need not have worried, almost every enclosure has a glass viewing section that was low enough for M to see in to. My mum also wore M in the BabaSling at one point so that he could view some chimpanzees in an enclosure with a high window. He adored it and got lots of Nanna cuddles. He also attracted lots of attention from several ladies who were mesmerised by his smiles, it really was Monkey’s World.

After about and hour, M drifted off to sleep, which gave me a chance to get my camera out and practice shooting in priority mode on my big camera. I found it tricky working with the reflections on the glass viewing panels but I started to grasp the difference ISO and shutter speed had on my finished results. Once my inner David Bailey had been let loose, we headed for some lunch at the Malagasy cafe.


When Monkey visited Monkey World - mytwomums.com

The Malagasy cafe is an open air cafe, but offers cover from above. As it was quite an overcast day we felt it was quite cool but the time we’d finished our lunch. I was a bit disappointed with the vegetarian options, as like most places they seemed to think a cheese & pickle option was the best option. But my mum loved her hotdog and despite having to select a cheese and ham sandwich just to take out the ham, it was quite nice.

Once M woke up and ate some lunch, he discovered that monkey’s were much more interesting than before he fell asleep. Suddenly he was waving at them and smiling at them and laughing as they ran through specially made tunnels above our heads. Right at the end of Monkey World is a great big play area, I couldn’t resist a quick swing with M, although he wasn’t too convinced.

One last dash round the Capuchins enclosure and it was time to take my own little Monkey back home for tea. It was such a lovely day and we can’t wait to take Mummy back with us to see the monkey’s again.

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  1. lucy at dear beautiful Reply

    It sounds like a great day out. Monkeys are so fascinating, I know my own little monkey is particularly captivated by the chimps whenever we go to the zoo. And I always find it funny how monkeys often seem just as interested by us as we are by them. x

  2. Emily Reply

    Sounds like a fantastic place for a day out – I love monkeys, last time we were at Chessington some of them had teeny babies still suckling – adorable! Xx

  3. Verily Victoria Vocalises Reply

    LOVE Monkey World. We watched the series on Channel 5 and Ross has been there quite a few times. We all went there together last August on Ross’ birthday. Grace’s favourite is the Orangutan, Osheen :).

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