Where are we going?

If you are a regular reader of our blog you may recall us moving last year. After 5 years moving around to various places in Dorset, we finally moved in to a lovely little house I felt we could settle in and grow our little family. Unfortunately the Universe had other ideas. Just before we made it to a year in our home, our landlady fell ill and made the decision to sell the house so she could retire. Totally unexpected and with the required notice provided we are left wondering where we are going.


There are literally no suitable/affordable properties available in our area that allow us to get to work and preschool each day. Each day we check the various rental sites online and we’ve registered with all our local estate agents. They all sympathise and agree there is just nothing to rent right now, but all this doesn’t get close to helping our fears as we approach a time without a home.

When you become a parent your priorities lay with keeping things safe and secure for your offspring. This includes food/drink, somewhere safe to live and to love them unconditionally. So when something outside your control threatens to remove something from the triangle, things start to get a bit, well want of a better word, “wobbly”. Both Clara and I work full time to provide as best we can for our son, but sadly when you rent, the control you have on the roof that protects you can be whipped from above at any point.

So these last few weeks have been flying by with no sign of a place for us to move to. We are almost into our final month of notice and have reached out for advice and are still waiting to see where we are going. Our little man knows he’ll soon have a new bedroom to decorate and make his own, we’d just really love to be able to tell him where.

Please bear with us during the next few weeks/months. I am sure things may be a little quiet over here, but never fear, we’ll be sharing a home tour in no time!

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  1. Nickie Reply

    I wish I had advice for you but I’ve been in the same situation. We moved into another area to be able to afford housing. It was a further commute for me but we live in an area that has a great road/motorway network and large towns close to each other. I hope something comes up soon.

  2. Life With Munchers Reply

    Thinking of you and hoping that the universe has a way of pulling through for you. I can’t begin to imagine the stress you must be under.

  3. Donna Wishart Reply

    This can’t be an easy time for you guys. With the health issues and things of recent months you all really deserve a break. I hope somewhere perfect comes up and you can all settle down for a while x

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