Where has my baby gone?

This isn’t going to be one of those posts where I sob over how fast our little man is growing. In fact I’m enjoying watching our little man explore the world he can now reach and touch. When I see him toddling around the park, I often smile to myself and wonder when that exact moment was I thought “Where has my baby gone?”.

Where has my baby gone

I know many will say he hasn’t gone, he will always be my baby. For C I know this to be true. She often tells him, he will be her baby even when he is 55. But for me, he isn’t my baby anymore. He is my little man, my small dude, my cheeky monkey and my little explorer. He will always be my son, my special beautiful son, that’s a given that nobody can ever change, but he is no longer my little baby.

I love how independent he has become, especially when we are at the park. As soon as he is out of his Smart Trike, he is wandering over to the piece of apparatus he wants to play with. You can try to gently steer him towards something aimed at his age, but he would much rather head towards the roundabout or the seesaws or the 5ft tall slide.

Where has my baby gone

M’s favourite part of the playground used to be the swings, he still loves these, but he has started to venture onto the slide. Even at 11 months he has that urge all children have, which is to climb up the slide the wrong way. We’ve let him go down the slide on his own several times, but we always have to make sure we catch him before he shoots of the end, he’s quite speedy when in slide mode.

Where has my baby gone
I think the swings are my favourite. Always have been. It’s great to see M enjoy the swings too. He’s not one for sitting on our laps to swing as he loves sitting on his own. C is much more sensible than I am when it comes to swinging M. I go for the more fast and high approach (within reason, I’m still a responsible parent).

Where has my baby gone

Where has my baby gone

I know there will come a time when he won’t want us to push him on the swing, or help him down the slide. There will even be a time when the park is no longer cool unless he’s sat down there with his mates and some chips (if he’s anything like I was as a teen).  But I’ll embrace each moment he gains some more independence, as I may wonder Where has my baby gone?, but I also love to wonder what man will he become.

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  1. Kelly finn Reply

    Aww lovely post. Also a lovely way of thinking about him growing up. I hold my hands up, I have got emotional recently that my baby will soon be a toddler. But that’s the next exciting chapter in her life isn’t it! Fantastic photos, love the going down the slide with mummy one!

  2. Carie Reply

    It’s lovely how they have no fear at that age – Kitty has always been convinced she could go on the very biggest towers if only I would let her! I love the photo of you both on the slide – that one has to go in the family album!

  3. Mrs Teepot Reply

    Wonderful post, what a positive way to look at it! Lovely to see him growing up! Love that photo of you shooting down the side together!

  4. CJ Reply

    It took me four kids to realize it was more fun to enjoy the present rather than mourn how quickly they grow. My “baby” is nearly seventeen. .. and he will always be my baby!

  5. Coombemill Reply

    Time runs so fat from baby to toddler and beyond, it’s good to take stock and appreciate the little things you know won’t last forever. A lovely reflective post for Country Kids.

  6. Brinabird and Son Reply

    It’s amazing watching them grow learn and explore. The become so adventurous and sometimes I am a bit overwhelmed by the lack of fear! Playgrounds are such a great place for them to discover new strengths and capabilities. I know my wee man now is always saying on my own mummy!

  7. lucy at dear beautiful Reply

    It’s funny, we had conversations along these lines a lot in our little man’s first year or so. Him growing up felt really bittersweet to me and still does, but my husband just faces it all will such excitement. He embraces our children more with everyday that passes, and while I feel a little sad as the baby days fly by, he is constantly talking about their futures. I guess somewhere between the two of us we strike a balance: me always seeing my babies right in that moment, him seeing the people they will become. And I think that’s a good balance to have.

  8. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    What a lovely post. M seems like a confident little chap. I think of him as a lot older than he is, I think it is cause he is walking. Gorgeous photos, i love the one of him on the swing with you taking the photo from behind. x

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