Where’s the time gone?

As we find ourselves on the cusp of October, I can’t help but wonder where the time has gone this year. At the start of the year we set ourselves one of our biggest challenges yet, to vlog daily throughout 2015. We had no idea vlogging daily would take so much time from us and also take time away from each other.

We’ve never been ones to blog for stats or vlog for views, so once we realised vlogging daily wasn’t as fun as we’d hoped, we pulled the plug at day 264. Since we’ve stopped the daily vlogs we’ve been able to enjoy our time out without worrying about captured footage or getting home in time to upload that day’s vlog. We put so much into making sure we kept to our challenge that at times, it was making us unhappy, which is a big NO NO when you set out to do something. We love filming and editing vlogs, but we want to take our time and create content we are proud of, just like the posts we share on this very blog.

Since we’ve not been getting our cameras out to capture footage, I’ve noticed we’ve been snapping more photos again. This pleases me no end as we’ve managed to capture some great shots, which you can see over on our Instagram.  This weekend we even had the opportunity to get back in front of the lens as a family. We may have lots of mobile selfies and footage of ourselves throughout the year, but we have very few nice family shots this year. So I was very pleased when a friend of ours offered to snap a couple of shots of us as we watched a glorious sunset.

We were there enjoying the moment, no rush to vlog or worrying we would be late home and editing late. Just the three of us, in front of the lens, attempting to swing our incredibly tall 3 year old!

family timefamily


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  1. Clare Mansell Reply

    I also set myself some challenges this year which I backed off from. I think what we sometimes forget is that if we add something to our schedule something else HAS to go and often it’s the thing you enjoy most…

  2. Cariemay Reply

    Oh those are such lovely shots of the three of you and good for you for stopping something that wasn’t bringing you joy – blogging and vlogging is supposed to be fun!

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