Who’s toddler is that?!

My little Monkey is no longer a baby. Of course he will always be my baby but I think we’re now starting to realise we have this amazingly independent boy now. More and more people are starting to refer to him as the dreaded T word. Who is this toddler you speak of I think?! Why is the transition from baby to toddler so hard?! Monkeys ‘godmother’ Elsie (you may have read her awesome review of The Anyway Up Cup, if not you can check it out here) warned me about this stage. It’s so hard to let go of that squidgey little baby and let then explore!

Kirsty and I are also starting up think the nickname Monkey wasn’t such a great idea. He wants to climb everything. We captured this amazing video of him climbing the slide at the park the other day. We were in total sock.

Kirsty also caught him trying to climb up a chair to reach a shelf for some toys the other evening.

Although he has been walking steadily for months and months now, a few weeks ago he couldn’t work out how to crawl, now he’s zooming around all over the place. Climbs up the stairs and does a backwards belly slide on the way down. You really do have to have eyes in the back of your head. I know that’s a cliché but trust me, once you’re a parent, all those saying and cliche’s start to become a daily reality!

He no longer wants me to feed him, and the look I get when I try is ‘I’m very capable Mummy!’. Cuddles are on his terms. I can’t just cradle him in my arms and cuddle him for hours. He actually pushes you away when he’s had enough and the cuddle just isn’t long enough for me. When it’s my evening to take him to bed, I just love cuddling up to him whilst he is in the light stages of sleep. I can lay there for ages, just me and him. He’s snuggling up to me in bed as we speak and I am loving the extra time with him. I am loving the cuddles and kisses he willingly gives me. I have to ask for them but the little open-mouthed kisses are heartwarmingly cute!

I am loving watching him grow and learning new skills. Like he now knows where his head is. How adorable is that?! We’re also getting a couple of new words each week. Just today he said yes for the 1st time. He also holds things up to his ear and says hello and babbles as though he’s talking on a phone. Honestly I could watch him all day long! I think he’s a genius! But who doesn’t think their child is destined for Mensa?! 😉

So I guess I’m really loving having a toddler. I just dislike the word!


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  1. Cariemay Reply

    He is starting to look like the baby days might be behind him! Such a gorgeous little boy too, and definitely destined for Mensa.

  2. PhotoPuddle Reply

    My baby boy is no longer a baby either. I’ve know it for a while but for some reason this week lots of people have commented on how grown up he’s got. Perhaps it’s because he finally got the baby mullet chopped this week! Personally I think he’s grown up so much since his big sister started school. A month ago he didn’t really have any real word just baby babble but at the moment he seems to be learning a new word every day.

  3. mummydaddyme Reply

    He is gorgeous and a credit to you both. I know what you mean though- the word toddler seems so grown up! But it is a really fun stage. x

  4. Lucy Reply

    Haha, we definitely do all think that our own children are little geniuses. Of course, mine actually are!!!!! And it sounds like Monkey is one too with all the things he’s learning. I had major issues with the word toddler too and still insisted on calling my little man a baby until he was actually physically walking at 15 months (this wouldn’t work for you though with your super walker!!!) But I feel obliged to warn you now, that you end up getting very attached to the label of toddler, and as we fast approach my little man’s third birthday I’m dreading having to say goodbye to that toddler label and to have him be just a little boy. x

  5. Super Busy Mum Reply

    How gorgeous is this little man! And he was making his way up that slide rightly!! They really don’t stay “babies” for long. But he is a real credit to you both. x

  6. Lauren Reply

    I still don’t really call Harry a toddler. He’s always ‘the baby’, actually Charles is still known as ‘the baby’ between me and my husband, which can get confusing.
    This is a lovely stage though, although challenging whilst they try and get on with it and you learn to let go a little.

    He is so super cute and definitely sounds like a little explorer/adventurer. x

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