Why is the magic so important?

I am one of those people who believes in keeping a little magic alive for children as long as possible. I am not unrealistic in my expectations of how long children believe in the tooth fairy, Easter bunny or Father Christmas. But I do try my best to make the magic in childhood important.

I know there are people who don’t feel we should “lie” to our children, that wish to remove all magic as soon as possible, but that is not for me. But if that works for them and their children, that is down to them.

I can still recall when I was about five, the feeling in my chest of a thousand warm fluttery butterflies when I tiptoed down the stairs on Christmas morning to see if Santa had been. I have lovely memories of reading a hand written note from my tooth fairy one year and loved that one year the Easter bunny left us a Disney film as well as a chocolate egg.

magic important

I don’t recall the moment the magic disappeared, because for me the moment must have been right. I had no terrible discoveries and no special memories were¬†destroyed. I will do my best to not be the one to remove the magic from my son’s life. Now I know there may be a moment a child at school decides to share their opinion of Mr C or the tooth fairy, which can not be prevented, but we will deal with that if and when it happens.

So why is the magic important to me? Because isn’t that what childhood is about? The wonder of the imagination and the ability to believe in something so precious and beautiful. Children are expected to grow up so quickly these days and I like to think a little magic allows them to escape from the pressures placed on them by society and various establishments.

Do you like keeping the magic alive for your children?


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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    I loved this! For me, the year revolves around Christmas. It’s a highlight for me and I remember as a child longing for Christmas to come. We had no money and didn’t get new things but my parents did as much as they could at Christmas – gifts, food and fizzy pop. It was perfect.

    So when we had children I promised that I would do the same, and make Christmas something to remember. I don’t remember the moment I stopped believing wither but I do remember laying in bed on Christmas eve, facing the wall and hearing noises in the room but not daring to look in case the magic burst and Santa disappeared. I swear there were years I heard sleigh bells too although my parents deny all knowledge of that! x

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