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Last week was a week of new starts. I started a new book, started my Zombie 5K training again and started (and finished) a new podcast. I am really enjoying sharing my weekly updates with Little Loves as it has actually encouraged me to read more, do more and document more.

If you’re interested in joining in documenting your week’s Little Loves, do make sure you check out the host, Morgana over at Coffee Work Sleep Repeat.


This week I spent my final Audible credit on Drew Barrymore’s book Wildflower. I have followed Drew Barrymore’s career ever since I was a child watching her in ET. She is a constant inspiration to me in how she looks at life and seems to be a genuine lovely person. If I ever got to meet her my day would be made!


Last week Clara and I have been enjoying Broadchurch and Line of Duty, both back on our screens with a fantastic new series. We rarely get time to sit down in the evening and watch regular TV, so we mostly end up watching them on catch up but we make sure it is time we both get together. We also managed to enjoy some family time watching Moana. I can hand on heart say that Moana is now my second favourite Disney film. I love everything about it. The soundtrack, the plot and the characters. Quite often M can be heard singing the soundtrack, which is adorable.


This weekend M and I made a Cheetah mask for his school family homework project. It was lovely listening to his ideas on how to make it and helping him put his ideas into action. After his mask was complete he headed into the garden to pretend he was a cheetah which was lovely to watch, he is such an imaginative little boy.


Mask made Little loves


This weekend I actually bought new clothes, which I hardly ever do. Plus bonus was they were in a smaller size than I usually buy thanks to the Thinking Slimmer pods I have been listening to and my increase in exercise. I also got to wear a brand new medal after completing another Virtual Run. This medal meant a lot to me as I knew I wanted M to have it once it arrived as it was a Mr Tickle medal. He was so happy to unwrap it when it was delivered.



I love a good podcast as I’ve shared in previous little love posts. This week I binged every episode of the brand new S-Town podcast. It is worth a listen if you enjoyed the first series of Serial, even though it is totally unrelated.

and lastly

We found a new park this weekend and I made a little video of our visit. It was gorgeously sunny which has got me so excited for better weather and weekends down the beach.



Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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  1. Morgana Reply

    We love Moana too!
    Creativity and imagination are the fantastic traits to spot in children while they’re playing aren’t they? x

  2. vcoombe Reply

    I’ve never go into podcasts but I think I need to join the party on this! That cheetah mask is amazing! 🙂 #littleloves

  3. Stacey Lewis Reply

    We tried to watch Moana last week but the toddler had other ideas. We too watch a lot of tv on catch up we would be lost without our fire stick and apple tv. The cheetah mask looks fab, its great when children actually play and use their imagination rather than being stuck in front of a screen.

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