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Our little man has been asking questions since he could form sentences. My mum used to chuckle at how he reminds her of me as a child each time she looks after him. He never seems satisfied with one response, making sure he asks at least three different people when considering a really important question.

little one

In the last month the questions we get asked on a daily basis have multiplied by at least 100. It’s great as it is helping us to learn more about things we have never given too much thought to. Every day starts with “What are we doing today?, what are we doing tomorrow?, is it a school day?”. Then as M wakes up a bit more the bigger questions start, “Why is a butternut squash called a butternut squash?” *off to Google* “What is an atom?” Yeah try explaining that in a 3 years old terms, “why does it rain?” I think I got that one covered, “Why does a Spinosaurus not like a Tyrannosaurus Rex?”, yeah erm I had no idea on that one.

We do our best to answer every question we are asked in a way that a smart three year old can understand. He doesn’t always need the full details for some questions, he’s quite content with knowing that babies grow in some ladies tummy’s but is yet to ask how they get there. We want him to continue questioning the world, but also want to keep his innocence at that of a three year old.

We also talk a lot about different families, which to be honest is a subject he is not too fussed about, though he keeps talking about his toys having a mummy and a daddy, which is for another post. I thought for years that he would want to know why he has two mummies and his friends at school don’t, but to him it’s just not a question he needs to ask. I wonder so much about the questions around our family unit. If him going off to school in September will fill his mind with questions about how he came to be and how our love created him, but I guess that is just something we have to be prepared for. I know it is a few years until we will need the birds and the bees talk, but I do wonder when his little mind will start to wonder about his creation.


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