Win a Beko Cordless Vacuum

With Christmas just around the corner and families planning to visit, it’s always nice to be able to give the house a super speedy once over with a vacuum. The Beko cordless lets you do this in minutes, without the need to keep moving the plug from room to room.

The fab folk at Beko are giving our readers the chance to win a Beko Cordless Vacuum just in time for Christmas.

To enter all you have to do is complete the giveaway entrance form at the bottom of this post before 11:59PM 08-12-2017. Terms and conditions apply, so please make sure you read them before entering. GOOD LUCK

Beko Cordless Handheld & Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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  1. Tracey Peach Reply

    The living room because I don’t have room for a kitchen table I have to eat on my lap in the living room & I’m always dropping crumbs! This hoover looks brilliant I have mobility problems & struggle to push hoovers around this one looks lovely & light.

  2. Jim Kerr Reply

    It seems to be the conservatory at the moment, my daughter comes home covered in hay from her job at the Riding for the Disabled job.

  3. Emma Amoscato Reply

    My son’s room as that’s the only one with carpet apart from the hall and stairs!

  4. Ruth Robinson Reply

    my lounge as most used room plus iv got to pick up food after a 7 month old and my rug always shows all the bits so annoying

  5. anthony harrington Reply

    the lounge, with 2 long haired dogs and a cat I am always hoovering!

  6. Holly Brazier Reply

    My living room! I’d really love a cordless Hoover to make hoovering easier, got three boys always leaving crumbs around!

  7. Jayne Townson Reply

    I vacuum the living room the most, as my kids always seem to be making a mess in there.

  8. David Allen Reply

    The hallway – jeez things just find there way through the front door – good luck all

  9. Karen Painter Reply

    The kitchen, we tend to spend most of our time in there so along with the crumbs there is also a dog and multiple cats and the odd stray chicken so the floor needs a good vacuuming every day!

  10. Kym Reply

    The living room as our two dogs spend most of their time there in front of the fire after their walks

  11. Nikki Hayes Reply

    The living room – my husband is a complete slob and only needs to look at the carpet for it to get dirty 😀

  12. Fiona Johnstone Reply

    The living room. 2 hairy dogs is the reason for that. Wouldn’t be without them though

  13. james wright Reply

    living rooms mainly because of the dog running round the house like an idiot 😛

  14. alice lightning Reply

    all of my home could definitely benefit from this marvellous prize giveaway being a carer,mother and pet owner of 11 kitties 2 dogs and other pets I,m always on the go so wow this gorgeous machine could help make short work with the hair and dirt created from the crowd as it were . yes please

  15. Gwyn Sharps Reply

    The lounge and the kitchen equally due to all the dirt that gets trailed through the house and in from the garden!

  16. Stacey Lunn Reply

    My dining room because this is where the kids and animals spend most of their time! Lol x

  17. JULIE WARD Reply

    The living room, I wish someone else in the house knew how to use a vacuum

  18. caroline kelly Reply

    The kitchen, ppl who lived there before had black floor tiles…don’t ever do it!

  19. Rachel White Reply

    With 4 dog’s & 5 humans it has to be done twice a day in the living room but everywhere else is just once..

  20. Sam Cornford Reply

    I don’t, my husband is the hooverer, he loves it and does it daily. Any excuse to get it out with him

  21. Karoline Wood-Swirles Reply

    My bedroom. It’s a constant batter of dog hair vs cream carpet!

  22. A Louise Reply

    I’d love this for my living room, which is currently a mess after part of my vacuum broke. Taped it back together but it’s not the same haha!

  23. Mary Reply

    Probably the kitchen / diner. My bf is an awesome cook but very messy. Small price to pay.

  24. becci cleary Reply

    The Stairs – we have a Black Carpet and Coco …. A White Bull-Shih Dog – not a great combination!

  25. Lauren Stebbings Reply

    The living room! Having a German shepherd that has long ish fluff that moults loads means lots of hoovering.

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