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Those who know me (Clara) well will tell you just how much I love to keep my home clean and tidy and I love to try new appliances to help with domestic tasks. I am certainly no stranger to household chores and I actually quite enjoy a day at home with the duster in one hand and the cleaning spray in the other, I find it repetitive but satisfying. There is one domestic chore however, which until last September when the little man started school, I (rather successfully) avoided, ironing! So I was extremely surprised at how easy this task became once I started using the Beko SteamXtra Iron.

beko iron steamxtra

Beko are giving our readers a chance to win their own iron to help make ironing an easier task. Just enter the Giveaway below, UK residents only and you must be over 18 please.

Beko SteamXtra SmartStation Steam Generator Iron

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  1. Louise McKie Reply

    School shirts!! They are the worst! You iron out one crease and gain twenty!

  2. Tracey Peach Reply

    Double duvets! I’m going to down size next year to a single bed so I won’t have so much duvet to iron!

  3. Isabel O Reply

    I really don’t like ironing jeans or shirts, sometimes the creases just won’t come out!

  4. Kylorenneedstomanup Reply

    I hate ironing my work clothes. Which is unifromed. I have to iron eveyday otherwise people point out wrinkles… emmm okay.. so what about wrinkles. Would like to get some more proffesional help.

  5. Kayleigh Watkins Reply

    I hate ironing the pleats in my sons school trousers and my daughters school skirts/skirts, I iron one side lovely then do the other and it creases the 1st side xx

  6. Caroline Blaza Reply

    Has to be shirts. Other than them I do enjoy ironing. Merry Christmas x

  7. Rachel White Reply

    I agree that shirts are horrible to iron… but… all round pleated school skirts… ggrrrr

  8. Judy Kennedy Reply

    I don’t have one by the time I have managed to get out the ironing board from it awkward place and unravelled the iron, I have lost the will to live

  9. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog) Reply

    Linen trousers or combat trousers with lots of pockets!

  10. Judith Gutowski Reply

    School shirts are usually awkward to iron, but I’m sure I could do better with the best iron available.

  11. Jennifer Hull Reply

    Bowls white trousers and shirts……look fabulous when ironed…..but tedious….need a good iron…. happy Christmas everyone

  12. Lorna Ledger Reply

    Duvet covers! Urgh! I only do them if we have guests, life’s too short!

  13. Laura Lee Reply

    I hate ironing hoodies they never seem to look finished. Amazing competition i have my fingers and toes crossed

  14. Beverley Cousins Reply

    Blouses! hate it when the end of the sleeves ruffle around the cuffs & cotton is so hard to get creases out too! grrr lol

  15. olivia Kirby Reply

    My husband does the ironing (it’s really only his stuff that needs ironing!) but it is shirts, who likes ironing shirts?!

  16. Claire Davies Reply

    Duvet Covers! They also look much nicer once ironed but they are not easy to do! Especially when your quilt cover is King Size!

  17. Hayley Colburn Reply

    I have a dress that has an organza wrap around and its pleated!! its a pain in the backside to iron, takes forever

  18. Laura Walker Reply

    Bed sheets especially fitted ones, I always end up wrestling with them!

  19. Herbert Appleby Reply

    I hate pleated blouses or things with elasticated fitting to made a designer effect.

  20. Miss Tracy Hanson Reply

    My tour tshirts – always try NOT to iron them if I can help it. Worried that the design will come off.

  21. Lauren Stebbings Reply

    Anything of the kids especially if it has pleats. They’re just too small and fiddly! If you finally manage to wrestle the iron tip into the right place the other end of it has got caught up on another bit of the garment and made a ridiculous crease. Blinking nightmare

  22. Catherine Balazs Reply


    Wow I need one of these. my husand’s ambulance uniform has lots of pockets / folds / loops etc and it takes forever to iron them all.

  23. Farah Reply

    I hate ironing with a passion! Not only do I think it’s actually for the most part, a waste of precious time, things I iron actually look worse for it!!! I try & hang things on shower rail as I tend to have very hot showers so the steam has a way of loosening g creases rather than what I do, which is add creases, make them worse & I often manage to burn myself as part of the ‘joy’? Of ironing!

  24. Clare Davies Reply

    school shirts are the worst! my partner has awful work pants that are a nightmare to iron!
    and i hate ironing my student nurse uniform its so hard to iron!!! (doesnt help my iron is a bit rubbish!) 🙁

  25. Jayne Townson Reply

    That would have to be shirts, as I find them so tricky. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  26. Sarah Halls Reply

    Shirts I end up ironing more creases in them in rubbish at ironing maybe I just need a decent iron

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